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J.D. Vance; Donald Trump

GOP Senator Gets Brutal Reminder After Threatening Anyone That's 'Fighting Trump'

After Senator J.D. Vance threatened anti-Trump forces that he has a 'long memory,' X users reminded him about his own criticism of Trump in a community note.

Screenshot of Kaitlan Collins and J.D. Vance

CNN's Kaitlan Collins Calls Out JD Vance's Blatant January 6th Double Standard—And The Hypocrisy Is Real

After Senator JD Vance told Kaitlan Collins he thought Columbia students who 'break in and vandalize a building should be prosecuted,' Collins exposed the double standard he holds for January 6th rioters.

Screenshot of Laura Ingraham and J.D. Vance

GOP Senator's Laughable Claim About Who Benefited From Trump's Policies Gets Brutal Reminder

Senator JD Vance had X users cackling after his claim about which Americans benefited from Trump's policies versus Biden's policies.

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