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Joe Biden; Lauren Boebert

Joe Biden Hilariously Trolls Lauren Boebert In Her Own District For Voting Against Infrastructure Bill

As Joe Biden traveled to Lauren Boebert's Colorado district to announce hundreds of new jobs there, he criticized her in Biden fashion for opposing his infrastructure package.

Joe Biden; Donald Trump

Joe Biden Savagely Shames 'Builder' Trump Over Infrastructure

In a Labor Day speech to Pennsylvania sheet metal workers, Joe Biden slammed Trump as a 'builder' who 'didn't build a damn thing.'

Lauren Boebert

Boebert Tried To Put America's Infrastructure On Blast—And Twitter Came With The Receipts

After the MAGA Rep. called out a series of transportation incidents caused by accidents and tried to blame it on Democrats, her hypocrisy was put on full display.

Screenshot of Laura Ingraham and J.D. Vance

GOP Senator's Laughable Claim About Who Benefited From Trump's Policies Gets Brutal Reminder

Senator JD Vance had X users cackling after his claim about which Americans benefited from Trump's policies versus Biden's policies.

Stuart Stevens; Joe Biden

Former GOP Strategist Breaks Down Why Joe Biden 'Has Been A Great President'

Stuart Stevens, former strategist for Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, penned a piece for The New Republic titled 'Just Say It, Democrats: Biden Has Been a Great President.'

Mike Johnson; 2024 White House Easter observance

American Egg Board Fact-Checks Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory About White House Easter Egg Contest

After right-wingers freaked out that overtly religious symbols were not allowed in egg designs for the White House's Easter egg contest, the American Egg Board issued a punny fact check.

Fox News screenshot of Jessica Tarlov; Joe Biden

Fox Host Breaks Down Joe Biden's 'Tremendous' Economic Record To Stunned Silence Of Co-Hosts

Fox's 'The Five' co-host Jessica Tarlov spent a solid minute and a half listing Joe Biden's incredible economic record and her co-hosts just sat their silently.

Marjorie Taylor Green; Seth Magaziner

Dem Rep Burns MTG With Her Own Merchandise After She Shouts About 'Terrorist' Border Apprehensions

Rep. Seth Magaziner shut Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's fearmongering about so-called 'terrorist' crossing the border by citing her own 'De-fund the FBI' merchandise.

Donald Trump; Joe Biden

Trump Tries To Take Credit For Booming Stock Market—And The Reasoning Is Bonkers Even For Him

Donald Trump was widely mocked for claiming 'the Trump stock market' is booming because he is doing well in the polls.

Screenshot of Pete Buttigieg; screenshot of Rep. Doug LaMalfa

Pete Buttigieg Calmly Eviscerates GOP Rep Who Tried To Dismiss Climate Change As 'Autumn'

After Rep. LaMalfa tried to make a joke dismissing Secretary Pete's concerns about climate change as "autumn,' Buttigieg calmly let him have it.

Kari Lake; Donald Trump

Kari Lake Just Praised Trump As A 9/11 'Hero'—And Got Swiftly Shut Down

Kari Lake was mocked online after praising Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani as 'heroes' of 9/11.

Lauren Boebert; Joe Biden

Biden Masterfully Trolls Boebert For Voting Against Bill Bringing Hundreds Of Jobs To Her District

Joe Biden touted The Inflation Reduction Act's investment in clean energy, including the expansion of CS Wind in Pueblo, Colorado, which is within Lauren Boebert's district.

Marco Rubio

Rubio's Post Questioning Trump Indictment Gets Brutal Fact Check From 'X' Community Note

After claiming Democrats who questioned the 2016 election should be indicted, X's community note clarified that Trump was indicted for 'taking actions to commit fraud.'

Mitch McConnell; Pete Buttigieg

McConnell Tried To Use Senate Speech To Slam 'Woke' Pete Buttigieg–And Pete Just Fired Back

Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg fires back at Senator McConnell after he accused Buttigieg of pursuing 'woke initiatives.'

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy

The State Of The Union Isn’t What’s Worrisome—It’s The State Of The GOP

Concerns grow over the rise of White nationalism, Christian nationalism, conspiracy cults like QAnon and the embrace of fascism in the Republican Party.

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