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Jonathan Turley

House GOP's Star Impeachment Witness Just Backfired On Them Big Time

The House GOP called lawyer Jonathan Turley as its star witness in the first hearing of an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden, and he confirmed the GOP's evidence does not 'currently meets the standard' for impeachment.

Troy Nehls; Joe Biden

GOP Rep. Accidentally Admits The Real Reason Behind Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Trump ally Rep. Troy Nehls came right out and admitted the real reason the GOP House wants to impeach Joe Biden, and it has everything to do with Trump.

Fox News screenshot of Neil Cavuto

Fox Host Had The Most Brutally Honest Reaction To GOP Impeachent Debacle

Neil Cavuto's first reaction after the House GOP's impeachment inquiry hearing ended was brutally honest: 'I don't know what was achieved.'

Rep. Jasmine Crockett during House impeachment inquiry hearing

Dem Rep Explains One Thing Biden Is Guilty Of In Epic Impeachment Inquiry Takedown

After breaking down everything Donald Trump is guilty of, Rep. Jasmine Crockett revealed the one thing Republicans demonstrated Joe Biden is guilty of during their impeachment inquiry hearing.

CNN screenshot of Anderson Cooper; Kevin McCarthy

Anderson Cooper Calls Out McCarthy's Hypocrisy Over Impeachment With Damning 2019 Tweet

Anderson Cooper found a 2019 tweet from Kevin McCarthy about impeachment and called out his utter hypocrisy.

Twitter screenshots of John Fetterman

'Oh My God, Really??': John Fetterman's Mocking Response To Impeachment Inquiry Is All Of Us

John Fetterman had a mock concerned response to the news that Speaker McCarthy would launch an impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

CNN screenshot of Abby Phillip and Matt Gaetz

CNN Host Effortlessly Shuts Down Gaetz Twice After His Claims About Biden Impeachment Inquiry

CNN host Abby Phillip doubly reminded MAGA Rep. Matt Gaetz that Republicans don't have evidence linking President Biden to anything illegal.

GOP Rep Slams MTG Over 'Absurd' Biden Impeachment Inquiry—And MTG Just Fired Back

GOP Rep Slams MTG Over 'Absurd' Biden Impeachment Inquiry—And MTG Just Fired Back

Rep. Ken Buck upended the entire idea of launching an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden and slammed Marjorie Taylor Greene's leadership on the issue 'absurd.'

Fox News screenshot of Steve Doocy, Ainsley Earhardt, and Lawrence Jones

Fox Host Bluntly Breaks Down 'The Problem' With McCarthy's 'Impeachment Inquiry' Plan Against Biden

On 'Fox and Friends,' host Steve Doocy explained 'the problem' with Kevin McCarthy's plan to bring an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden.

Lauren Boebert; Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG Has A Stinging New Nickname For Lauren Boebert After Her Impeachment Vote Stunt

After Lauren Boebert forced a vote on the House floor to impeach President Joe Biden, Marjorie Taylor Greene reportedly lashed out at her for copying her resolution idea.

C-SPAN screenshots of Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rosa DeLauro

MTG Gets Schooled On How A Bill Becomes A Law By Dem Rep She Tried To Shame

After Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tried to catch Rosa DeLauro in a mistake over the House passage of the continuing resolution to fund the government, even calling out her age, DeLauro gave MTG a much-needed civics lesson.

Jamie Raskin; James Comer

Dem Rep Eviscerates House GOP Chair For Rejecting Hunter Biden's Offer To Testify

Rep. Jamie Raskin called out House Oversight Chair James Comer after he rejected Hunter Biden's offer to testify publicly in front of the committee.

Rep. Ken Buck; Attorney General Merrick Garland

GOP Rep Praises Merrick Garland During House Hearing In Epic Republican Takedown

Republican Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado was an unexpected defender of Attorney General Merrick Garland during a House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Mark Hamill at Carrie Fisher Hollywood Walk of Fame induction; Mike Sexton at MAGA Rally

Mark Hamill Hilariously Responds After Trump Rally Speaker Does Painful Yoda Impression

After Iowa state Rep. Mike Sexton tried to do a Yoda impression at a Trump rally, Mark Hamill did not hold back in his contempt for the painful impression.

Liz Cheney; Donald Trump

Trump Fires Back At Liz Cheney's Claim He Was 'Depressed' With Bizarre Admission

Donald Trump clapped back at Liz Cheney on Truth Social, attempting to fact check her claim that he wasn't eating after he lost the 2020 election.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG's Bizarre 'Accountability Coming' Post Hilariously Backfires

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was roasted after posting a pic of her at home with a caption pledging that 'accountability coming.'

Nancy Pelosi; Kevin McCarthy

Pelosi Rips McCarthy's 'Shrinking Speakership' With Hand Gesture For The Ages

In a CNN interview, Nancy Pelosi bemoaned Kevin McCarthy's 'incredibly shrinking speakership' while making a suggestive gesture with her hand.

Chris Christie; Donald Trump

Chris Christie Reveals What Has Him Convinced That Trump Is 'Going To Be Convicted'

After Mark Meadows reportedly took an immunity deal from Special Counsel Jack Smith in Trump's federal Jan. 6 case, Chris Christie told 'Morning Joe' why he thinks 'it's over' for the former President.

CBS screenshots of  Kevin McCarthy and Margaret Brennan

News Anchor Laughs In McCarthy's Face As He Tries To Blame Democrats For Shutdown Threat

Margaret Brennan scoffed at Kevin McCarthy, reminding him that more Democrats voted for the funding bill than Republicans, after he blamed Democrats for threat of a shutdown.

Screenshots of Donald Trump outside at a NY courthouse

Trump Accidentally Admits He Lied About Why He's At NYC Courthouse—Just Three Minutes After Lying

After claiming 'they want me to be' at the NYC courthouse instead of campaigning in early primary states, he admitted he would not be back the next day because there's a golf touranment at his Doral club.

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