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Screenshot of Donald Trump

Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After He Takes Credit For 'Drill Baby Drill' Slogan

After Donald Trump took credit for the popularity of the phrase 'Drill Baby Drill,' people reminded him of where the phrase really came from.

MSNBC screenshot of David Jolly

Ex-GOP Rep. Eviscerates Republicans With Proposed 'Political Answer To Gun Violence'

Former Rep. David Jolly said that the 'political answer to gun violence' was to 'never again elect a Republican' after Greg Abbott's response to Texas shooting.

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Calls Out 'Cruelty' Of 'Pro-Life Movement' After Texas Woman Is Denied Emergency Abortion

Ann Coulter lashed out at the 'cruelty' of the 'pro-life movement' after Kate Cox, whose fetus was diagnosed with fatal trisomy 18, was denied an emergency abortion by the Texas Supreme Court.

A split image with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on the left and a monument displaying the Ten Commandments on the right.

GOP Bill Would Require Texas Schools To Hang Copy Of Ten Commandments In Every Classroom

Texas Republicans' SB 1515 would require public schools to display a copy of the Ten Commandments in all K-12 classrooms.

Screenshot of Jesse Watters

Fox News Host Slammed After Saying He 'Can Tell' If An Immigrant Is 'Illegal' Just By Looking At Them

Jesse Watters sparked outrage after recounting how he saw an 'illegal immigration family digging through the trash to look for recyclables' on his way to work.

Keith Self

Allen, TX's Rep. Defends 'Prayers' After Mass Shooting Because 'Almighty God'—And People Were Not Having It

Allen, Texas' Congressman Keith Self claims those who think 'prayers' aren't enough after a mass shooting don't believe in an 'almighty God.'

Ken Paxton

Texas' Attorney General Tried To Get Data On Transgender Texans–And Now He Won't Say Why

Records show AG Ken Paxton's office sought to learn the number of Texans who changed their sex on their driver's licenses.

Kevin McCarthy and Nancy Pelosi flanked by other members of Congress

The Close Race To Control The House Reveals Important Lessons

How the Red Wave became little more than the red ripple.

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