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Eric Trump; Donald Trump

Eric Trump Gets Brutal Fact-Check After He Offers Blatantly False Defense Of Trump's 'Hush Money' Payments

After Eric Trump got the timeline of Donald Trump's corrupt scheme to influence the 2016 election with hush money payments wrong on Fox, people clapped back with instant fact-checks.

Eric Trump

Eric Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming 'We're A Good Family' On Fox

Eric Trump went on Fox to claim he and his fellow Trumps 'are a good family' and got instantly and brutally fact checked online.

Eric Trump; Donald Trump

Eric Trump Instantly Fact-Checked After Calling Judge 'Heartless' Over Request To Attend Barron's Graduation

After Judge Juan Merchan refused to rule on Donald Trump's request to attend Barron's graduation, Donald Trump, Eric Trump and Don Jr. all falsely claimed the request was denied.

Fox News screenshot of Eric Trump

Eric Trump Brutally Fact-Checked After Whining To Hannity 'There Is No Crime!'

After Eric Trump claimed 'there is no crime' to Sean Hannity, people weighed in online with a brutal fact check.

Trump Throws Eric Under The Bus In Trump Organization Case Deposition

Trump Throws Eric Under The Bus In Trump Organization Case Deposition

A newly released transcript of a deposition Donald Trump gave in the Trump Organization case suggests his strategy is to deflect any blame to Eric in the day to day operations of the company.

Jesse Watters and Eric Trump on Fox News

Eric Trump Roasted For Oblivious Complaint About 'Imprisoning Political Opponents'

Eric Trump without a hint of irony, complained that his father's indictment meant Democrats are trying to 'imprison political opponents.'

Matt Gaetz; Donald Trump

Matt Gaetz Called Out For Proud Boys Reference As He Supported Trump At Courthouse

Matt Gaetz shared a photo of himself supporting Donald Trump at his Manhattan trial with a questionable reference to one of Trump's lines from a 2020 debate.

Lara Trump; Donald Trump

Lara Trump Gets Brutal Reminder After Claiming People Were 'Better Off' Four Years Ago

After Lara Trump claimed Americans were better off four years ago than they are now, people gave her a reminder about what happened in 2020 on Donald Trump's watch.

Hillary Clinton; Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton Masterfully Trolls Trump After He Asks If Americans Are 'Better Off Than Four Years Ago'

After Donald Trump took to Truth Social to ask 'are you better off than you were four years ago,' Hillary Clinton had the perfect reply.

Jon Stewart with a photo of Donald Trump inset

Jon Stewart Masterfully Tears Apart Trump's Financial Fraud Defense In Epic Takedown

In his opening 'Daily Show' monologue Monday night, Jon Stewart ripped apart the primary defense Trump and his apologists have made since he was found liable for massive financial fraud: that it was a 'victimless crime.'

Nancy Pelosi; Donald Trump

Nancy Pelosi Epically Rips Trump For Making Navalny's Death About Himself In Unhinged Truth Social Post

After Donald Trump made Alexei Navalny's death about his own legal troubles on Truth Social, Nancy Pelosi told Jen Psaki exactly what she thought of his statement.

Screenshot of Alina Habba; Donald Trump

Trump Lawyer's Claim He's 'Not Afraid' Of Testifying Did Not Age Well After Trump's Bonkers All Caps Rant

After Trump legal spokesperson Alina Habba insisted that Trump was 'not afraid' of testifying in his New York fraud case on Monday, he backed out.

Screenshot of Donald Trump Jr. from his 'Triggered' podcast

Don Jr. Dragged After Claiming That Black Men Come Up To Him To Tell Him He's Their 'Hero'

Donald Trump Jr. claimed on a new episode of his 'Triggered' podcast that Black men all over the country have come up to him to tell him 'Hey man, you’re my hero.'

Eric Trump appears on a Fox News broadcast alongside 3 Fox News hosts. The lower third graphic reads "Eric Trump reacts to his father's indictment."

Eric Trump Claims People On Plane Hugged Him After Indictment–And Everyone Had The Same Response

Eric Trump tells Fox that fellow airline passengers were 'giving me hugs' after the indictment.

Eric Swalwell; screenshot of Trump gaffe supercut

Democrats Play Withering Supercuts Of Confused Trump During Hearing—And Trump Just Responded

During a House Judiciary hearing on Robert Hur's report on Biden's retention of classified documents, Reps. Jerry Nadler and Eric Swalwell played brutal supercuts of Donald Trump's many gaffes and memory lapses.

Eric Swalwell; Donald Trump

Dem Rep's Blunt Response To Trump's Unhinged Mother's Day Message Is All Of Us

Eric Swalwell had a relatable message for everyone after Trump wished a Happy Mother's Day to 'Mothers, Wives and Lovers of Radical Left Fascists.'

Donald Trump at the start of his civil fraud trial at New York State Supreme Court on October 02, 2023 in New York City

Trump Lawyer Says Trump Will Testify In Fraud Case—And Everyone Had The Same Response

Donald Trump was widely mocked after Trump family lawyer Clifford Robert told Judge Engoron that he will testify in the Trump Org fraud trial.

Twitter screenshot Julie Green; Donald Trump

Christian 'Prophet' Tells Eric That God Will 'Bring Back' Trump: 'We Don't Have To Wait For An Election'

The self-described 'prophet' Julie Green told Eric that his father will be returned to the Presidency by God 'in unconventional ways.'

Screenshot of Eric Bolling and Lara Trump

Lara Trump Claims Donald Trump 'Does Accept Election Results' In Bonkers Interview

Lara Trump went on Newsmax and gave an eye-opening response to Democrats' fear that Trump won't accept the results of the 2024 election.

Eric Hovde

Trump-Endorsed Candidate Suggests People In Nursing Homes Shouldn't Be Able To Vote

Wisconsin Senate candidate Eric Hovde was criticized for saying 'almost nobody' who is in a nursing home 'is at a point' where they should be able to vote.

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