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Screenshot of John Bolton; Donald Trump

Former Trump Official Slams Trump As 'Delusional' Over Bonkers Reaction To Iran's Israel Attack

Donald Trump asserted with no evidence that Iran never would have attacked Israel if he had been president, and John Bolton just called him out.

William Barr; Donald Trump' John Kelly

Team Biden Trolls Trump With Brutal Thread Of All Former Trump Officials Who Now Oppose Him—And Hoo Boy

The Biden-Harris HQ X account shared an epic thread quoting former members of Donald Trump's administration who no longer support him, including Bill Barr, John Kelly and Mick Mulvaney.

John F. Kelly; Donald Trump

Trump's Former Chief Of Staff Rips Trump Supporters For Still Supporting Him In Epic Takedown

Donald Trump's former Chief of Staff John Kelly got candid about how he feels about the support Trump continues to command among the electorate.

Fox News screenshot of Donald Trump; Fox News screenshot of Bret Baier

Fox Anchor Eviscerates Trump's 'Best People' Claim To His Face With Brutal List

During a Fox News interview, Bret Baier asked Donald Trump 'why did you hire all of them?' after listing all his former administration officials who oppose him for President in 2024.

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