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Screenshot of Mitch McConnell

Mitch McConnell Says People 'Need To Leave The Supreme Court Alone'—And Everyone Had The Same Response

After Mitch McConnell called on everyone to 'leave the Supreme Court alone,' people slammed him for helping create the current Court in the first place.

Mark Hamill; Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson Names Two Trump Allies To Intelligence Committee—And Mark Hamill's Response Is All Of Us

After Speaker Mike Johnson appointed Reps. Scott Perry and Ronny Jackson to the Intelligence Committee, Mark Hamill suggested a new button for X.

Fox News screenshot of Brian Kilmeade; Donald Trump

Fox Host Schooled After Trying To Spin Away Trump's Confusion About Obama Still Being President

Brian Kilmeade had the most groan-worthy excuse for why Donald Trump keeps confusing Biden and Obama, and people were not having it.

Screenshot of Eric Bolling and Lara Trump

Lara Trump Claims Donald Trump 'Does Accept Election Results' In Bonkers Interview

Lara Trump went on Newsmax and gave an eye-opening response to Democrats' fear that Trump won't accept the results of the 2024 election.

Lawyer Hilariously Debunks Trump's Claim That 'Thousands' Of Supporters Were Turned Away From Courthouse

Lawyer Hilariously Debunks Trump's Claim That 'Thousands' Of Supporters Were Turned Away From Courthouse

After Donald Trump claimed that 'thousands' of his supporters were 'turned away from the courthouse' on Tuesday, lawyer Michael Popok easily debunked the dubious claim.

Chris Christie; Donald Trump

Christie Hits Trump With Awkward Reminder After Trump Accuses Him Of Electing Obama With Hurricane Photo Op

After Donald Trump accused Chris Christie of getting Barack Obama elected with his Hurricane Sandy visit in 2012, Christie reminded Trump of his love of the Clintons.

Ronny Jackson; Dr. Nick from "The Simpsons"

The White House Compared Trump's Former Doctor To Dr. Nick Of 'The Simpsons'—And Everyone Had The Same Response

After The White House's Andrew Bates compared Trump's former doctor Ronny Jackson to Dr. Nick from 'The Simpsons,' people were offended...on behalf of Dr. Nick.

Joe Biden; Screenshot of Donald Trump

Joe Biden Trolls Trump With Brutal Reminder After Trump Addresses Claims He Forgot Melania's Name

After Donald Trump posted video explaining why he referred to "Mercedes" when talking about his wife Melania at CPAC, Joe Biden gave him a brutal reminder with video supercut.

Fox News screenshot of Jesse Watters; Barack Obama

Fox News Host Ripped After Claiming Obama Doesn't Look At Things 'From An American Perspective'

Jesse Watters brought up Obama's childhood in Hawaii and his dad's 'roots in Africa' as proof that he has a globalist view on things.

CNN screenshots of Abby Philip and Donald Trump

CNN Anchor Exposes All The Times Trump Called For Rivals To Be Disqualified—And It's A Lot

After Trump cried foul at the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling disqualifying him from the ballot, Abby Phillip ran through all the times he called for others to be disqualified.

Donald Trump; Nikki Haley

Trump Promotes 'Birther' Theory Claiming Nikki Haley Isn't Eligible To Be President

On Truth Social, Donald Trump shared a post by Gateway Pundit claiming Nikki Haley is not eligible to be President due to the immigration status of her parents when she was born.

Donald Trump

Trump Claims He Hasn't Been 'Charged With A Crime' In Bonkers Courthouse Rant

Outside his Manhattan courthouse on Monday, Donald Trump continued to spew false claims, even asserting he hasn't been 'charged with a crime.'

Jonathan Turley

House GOP's Star Impeachment Witness Just Backfired On Them Big Time

The House GOP called lawyer Jonathan Turley as its star witness in the first hearing of an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden, and he confirmed the GOP's evidence does not 'currently meets the standard' for impeachment.

Pete Souza; Bill Clinton and Barack Obama

Obama's Photographer Just Threw Some Massive Shade At Trump With Epic Presidents' Day Post

Pete Souza ripped Trump in his 'living presidents' Instagram post omitting him for 'inciting an insurrection and abusing his powers.'

Eric Swalwell; Donald Trump

Dem Rep's Blunt Response To Trump's Unhinged Mother's Day Message Is All Of Us

Eric Swalwell had a relatable message for everyone after Trump wished a Happy Mother's Day to 'Mothers, Wives and Lovers of Radical Left Fascists.'

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