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Marjorie Taylor Greene

MTG Fact-Checked Over Her New Book's False Claims About Democrats On January 6th

In her upcoming book "MTG," Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene falsely claims that no Democrat stayed to defend the House chamber from Capitol rioters on January 6th.

Kari Lake; Donald Trump

Kari Lake Just Praised Trump As A 9/11 'Hero'—And Got Swiftly Shut Down

Kari Lake was mocked online after praising Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani as 'heroes' of 9/11.

Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates

GOP Arizona Elections Official Forced Into Hiding After Threats Over State's Midterm Results

Maricopa County Supervisor Bill Gates is reportedly at an 'undisclosed' location due to safety concerns.

Ruben Gallego; Kyrsten Sinema

Dem Rep. Bluntly Calls Out Kyrsten Sinema For Doing 'Nothing' To Help Arizona Candidates

Representative Ruben Gallego told MSNBC Senator Sinema was 'nowhere to be found' when it came to helping campaign for her fellow Arizona Democrats.

Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell Now Claims He Has Proof Every MAGA Arizona Candidate Won—And Here We Go Again

The MyPillow CEO is once again claiming the election was stolen from the likes of Kari Lake and Blake Masters.

Doug Ducey; Katie Hobbs

Former GOP Governor's Polite Letter To His Dem Successor Just Went Viral For The Most Relatable Reason

The respectful letter left by Republican former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for incoming Democrat Katie Hobbs was shared by historian Michael Beschloss.

Jack Smith; Donald Trump

DOJ Special Counsel Just Issued Subpoenas In Four States Trump Tried To Overturn–And We See Where This Is Going

Jack Smith issues subpoenas in Arizona, Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in Trump's fake electors scheme.

Andy Biggs

GOP Rep. Admits Hyped Witness 'Didn't Know Anything' About Purported Biden Crime

Rep. Andy Biggs had to admit that hyped witness Devon Archer 'didn't know anything' about a supposed Biden 'bribe' alleged by Republicans.

Donald Trump; Kari Lake

Trump Calls For Kari Lake To Be 'Installed' As Governor After Losing The Election

Donald Trump took to Truth Social to call for Kari Lake to 'be installed as Governor of Arizona' after she lost the election to Katie Hobbs.

Matt Gaetz; Kevin McCarthy; Lauren Boebert

Far-Right Reps Get Humiliating Revenge On McCarthy After Debt Ceiling Deal

Eleven GOP Reps including Matt Gaetz, Lauren Boebert and Andy Biggs blocked a rules resolution for gas stove ban bills.

Charlie Kirk; Wendy Rogers

Far-Right State Sen. Makes Surprisingly Self-Aware Assessment Of GOP After Kari Lake Loss

Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers, who called for 'more gallows' in February, made the surprising reflection on 'The Charlie Kirk Show'.

Daniel Cameron; Donald Trump

Kentucky GOP Candidate's Bizarre Claim About 'Trump Culture' In Victory Speech Gets Roasted Hard

Daniel Cameron praised the 'Trump culture of winning' after he won the GOP nomination for Kentucky governor with Trump's endorsement.

Screenshot of Kari Lake on Steve Bannon's "War Room"; CNN screenshot of Donald Trump during his town hall

Kari Lake Mocked After Saying Trump Was 'Kind' To Kaitlan Collins During CNN Town Hall

Kari Lake went on Steve Bannon's podcast to praise Donald Trump for his performance at CNN's town hall, saying he 'held his fire' and was 'kind' to moderator Kaitlan Collins.

Katie Hobbs; Kari Lake

Local Fox Station Accidentally Airs Test Election Results With Democrat Ahead–And Yeah, What Could Go Wrong?

Phoenix Fox affiliate accidentally aired test election results with Katie Hobbs ahead of Kari Lake prompting conspiracy theories online.

Documentary Captures Trump Advising MAGA Candidate To Claim 'Election Was Rigged And Stolen' To Win

Documentary Captures Trump Advising MAGA Candidate To Claim 'Election Was Rigged And Stolen' To Win

Trump tells Blake Masters to do as Kari Lake does and say 'the election was rigged and stolen' no matter the question.

Trump Lashes Out At Laura Ingraham Over Poll Number 'Hit Piece'—And Get Out The Popcorn

Trump Lashes Out At Laura Ingraham Over Poll Number 'Hit Piece'—And Get Out The Popcorn

After Laura Ingraham covered Trump's weakness against Biden in swing states, Trump lashed out claiming he polls better against Biden than 'DeSanctus.'

A split image shows Mike Pence on the left with a questioning expression and Donald Trump in the middle of speaking on the right.

Trump Is Now Blaming Mike Pence For The January 6th Attacks In Bizarre Remarks

Donald Trump suggested to reporters the January 6 attacks would not have happened 'had Pence sent the votes back to the [state] legislatures.'

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