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Former GOP Wisconsin Gov. Turns Off Camera Mid-Interview After Anderson Cooper Calls Out His Hypocrisy


Protests overtook Kenosha, Wisconsin after the shooting of James Blake, a Black American, by police. The unrest was exacerbated when 17 year old Trump supporter Kyle Rittenhouse shot and killed two people, wounding a third.

Rittenhouse was permitted by police to leave the scene but was arrested at his home in Illinois the following day.

Wisconsin's Republican former governor, Scott Walker, attempted to blame the development on Democrats, claiming Democratic local leaders refused assistance from the federal government. Walker chastised them, saying

Walker was asked if he though Joe Biden supported anarchy after Walker accused the Democratic nominee of silence in regards to the murders by Rittenhouse:

"No, but silence is complicit...We haven't heard a word from Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and others about the rioting."

In a later interview with CNN, host Anderson Cooper noted that Trump and his officials have yet to address the shooting of Jacob Blake, and asked why Walker's standard didn't apply to them.

Watch below.

Cooper said:

"You've said 'silence is complicity' on the Democrats' part. The President has not even addressed the shooting of Mr. Blake. I understand there's an ongoing investigation and it's very important that that investigation—because for all we know, circumstances may arise that would more fully inform everybody's opinion about what happened, because we would know what preceded this or what was in the officers' minds."

As Cooper spoke, Walter moved closer to the camera and appeared to turn it off, deserting the interview.

While Walker may have escaped the airwaves, he didn't escape the ire of the internet.

The action made people shudder to think what would have happened if Scott hadn't lost his gubernatorial bid in 2018.