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Artifacts Discovered In Peru Reveal Society More Advanced than Ancient Egypt


[DIGEST: IFLS, Science, Smithsonian, FAU, Science Daily, Live Science, ABC]

Beneath one of the oldest and largest pyramids in South America, researchers have discovered evidence of a previously unknown early modern human society. In fact, certain artifacts suggest a level of artistic sophistication and social structure that surpass other ancient cultures of the same period.

An Ancient People In Peru

After digging 100 feet under the pyramid at Huaca Prieta, archaeologists discovered proof of an ancient human society. Having largely migrated to the area from the Pacific Coast, the site of the early humans is located along the northwestern coastal plains of Peru.

Based on the evidence, people settled in that area repeatedly — but not continuously — beginning 15,000 years ago for thousands of years. The six-year excavation produced a variety of artifacts, which now rest in a museum in Lima, Peru.

“The mounds of artifacts retrieved from Huaca Prieta include food remains, stone tools and other cultural features such as ornate baskets and textiles, which really raise questions about the pace of the development of early humans in that region and their level of knowledge and the technology they used to exploit resources from both the land and the sea,” according to James M. Adovasio, Ph.D., co-author of the study and a world acclaimed archaeologist at Florida Atlantic University’s Harbor Branch.

Huaca Prieta as it appears today. (Credit: Source.)

Certain artifacts indicate these ancient people engaged in deep-sea fishing and suggest the need for boats that could withstand rough seas. In addition, they had developed a sophisticated yet efficient means for collecting seaside resources.

Oldest Indigo Dye

The discovery of indigo dye at Huaca Prieta shows an unusually high level of advancement within this ancient culture. Scientists discovered the oldest fabric containing indigo dye at the Peruvian site, outdating that previously found in Egypt by 1,600 years in approximately

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