Einstein’s “Greatest Blunder” — Or His Last Laugh?

Einstein’s theory of relativity has survived over a hundred years, having been put to rigorous testing and come out unscathed. But recent conclusions on the accelerating expansion of the universe corroborate a further idea Einstein had posited–and rejected–nearly a century ago.

The Future of Transportation Is Closer Than You Think

[DIGEST: CNNMoney, skyTran, FastCoExist] A NASA Space Act company called skyTran, based in California, is closer than ever to making an efficient, sustainable and safe form of transportation a reality. The company’s patented overhead transportation system uses maglev (magnetic levitation) technology to transport passenger “cars” while emitting virtually no pollution. The computer-controlled, two-person vehicles run … Continued

This Hospital Supercomputer Can Predict A Patient’s Death

[DIGEST: Science World Report, Mirror, Daily Mail, BBC, Connected Health Symposium] They say knowledge is power, but are there things we’d rather not know? Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston has developed a machine that can predict the probability of a patient’s death. It’s a supercomputer that monitors all of the patients at the facility and has been … Continued



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