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With New Technology, Chinese Fighter Jets Could Fly Under the Radar

Second Nexus

[DIGEST: Defense One, Popular Mechanics, Daily Mail, Tech Times, National Security News]

Chinese scientists have invented a new material that could allow fighter jets and other warcraft to hide from radars, making them virtually invisible with current technology.

Current advanced radar technology works by broadcasting signals at ultrahigh frequencies, which bounce off objects, like jets. The returning microwave signals are detected by antennae, allowing technicians to identify objects and gain a rough understanding of their size, even when concealed by clouds or fog.

While there are currently materials in use that can absorb these ultrahigh frequencies, they have historically been too thick to be practical in the construction of fighter jets.

Until now.

In a paper published by a team of scientists from China’s Huazhong University of Science and Technology in the Journal of Applied Physics, the team described their newly-developed radar-defeating surface. This material, called “active frequency selective surface material,” or AFSS, is comprised of copper resistors and capacitors that

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