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Scientists Are Tweeting the One Thing They Wish We Knew, And We're Floored

If you had to narrow down everything you know on a subject you’re passionate about and could only tell people one thing about it, what would you say?

That's what one person challenged the internet, specifically scientists, to do on October 27.

It all started with this tweet from Dalton Ludwick, a PhD candidate in entomology:

A lot of scientists leapt at the chance to tell the world what they think is most interesting or important about their work. Some shared the humor in their chosen field.

The responses provide insight into what scientists think the world should know.

Some used the hashtag to discuss important issues of the day.

Some vented about public misconceptions or addressed misinformation.

Some shared their message using emojis instead of words.

The results present an opportunity to find out some fun facts you might not otherwise know.

People who love science get to enjoy a slice of social media.

And maybe these Tweets will create some new science fans.

And one scientist shared this wish for the future of science: