Manhunt Expands to Other States For Facebook Broadcast Killer

Police and FBI agents in Ohio and neighboring states are on the hunt for Steve Stephens, who allegedly shot and killed Robert Godwin, Sr. On Sunday, Stephens recorded the murder on his cell phone and then uploaded the video to Facebook.

Residents of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania are urged to be alert.


The shooting happened in the Glenville neighborhood in Cleveland. The video shows Stephens in his car saying he has chosen someone to kill. He then allegedly approached Godwin and shot him. The video does not show the shooting itself, because the camera was pointed at the ground. It does show Godwin bleeding after being shot.

Later in the day, Stephens used Facebook Live to record a video laughing about the murder. In that video he claimed to have killed 13 people, but Cleveland Police, who spent part of Sunday searching vacant houses, said there was no evidence to support his claim.

According to the Cleveland Police Department, Stevens is a 37-year-old, black man about 6’1″ and 244 pounds. He is bald and has a full beard. Yesterday, he was wearing a dark blue and grey or black striped polo shirt.

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