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Large Hadron Collider Scientists Hope to Make Contact with Parallel Universe.

The staggeringly complex LHC ‘atom smasher’ at the CERN centre in Geneva, Switzerland, will be fired up to its highest energy levels ever in a bid to detect – or even create – miniature black holes.

If successful a completely new universe will be revealed – rewriting not only the physics books but the philosophy books too.

It is even possible that gravity from our own universe may ‘leak’ into this parallel universe, scientists at the LHC say.

The experiment is sure to inflame alarmist critics of the LHC, many of whom initially warned the high energy particle collider would spell the end of our universe with the creation a black hole of its own.

But so far Geneva remains intact and comfortably outside the event horizon.

Indeed the LHC has been spectacularly successful. First scientists proved the existence of the elusive Higgs boson ‘God particle’ – a key building block of the universe – and it is seemingly well on the way to nailing ‘dark matter’ – a previously undetectable theoretical possibility that is now thought to make up the majority of matter in the universe.

But next week’s experiment is considered to be a game changer.

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  • Christopher Chekosky

    The Hadron Collider isn’t capable of finding alternate timelines or parallel universes. It’s a particle collider. That is quantum mechanics and would require events to occur that are simply not possible with current technology. Yes, you might in theory be able to create events similar to the building of a quantum singularity, i.e., a black hole, but the skill and technology required to focus that to the point you open a parallel universe is beyond our reach. We have only a rudimentary understanding of black holes, and are guessing that the Hadron collider could in theory make one. But going from that to mastering their creation and application as to open up paradoxes…not happening.

    • JoCee

      Geez, Debbie Downer. Wah wah wah. 😉

      • John J. Perry

        Who’s a cranky pedantic? You are. Yes you are. I think someone needs a nap.

      • Major Sporto

        I bet he’s a lot of fun at parties… 🙂

        • Cedric Longbeard

          Actually yeah he probably is fun at parties. While everyone else is busy making inane childish jokes that convey nothing of interest, this guy would probably be the only person worth listening to at the party. He sounds like a breath of fresh air in a sea of ignorance.

    • Jaime Peach

      They are talking about detecting them and gravity energy. No paradoxes.

      • Drakorus Fellwing

        Considering gravity is found to be ‘descending’ into the area between the two alternates per string theory it’s possible.

    • Sinisterpigeon

      It’s either listen to your theory or a more exciting idea, think I’ll take the latter. That and the fact they ‘probably’ have a somewhat better understanding of it than yourself…

      No offense.

    • Drakorus Fellwing

      With sufficient energies on a particle collider you could… The point of a particle collider is to test energy variances which can show alternate universes as particles that don’t interact with ours fall through either superheavy particles or superlight which would fit within those realms.

      • Grey Ham

        you are confusing what you call a parralell universe with what the scientists mean. I draw your attention to this quote “We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC. Normally, when people think of the multiverse, they think of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualized.”

        “This cannot be tested and so it is philosophy and not science.”

        “This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions.”

        “As gravity can flow out of our universe into the extra dimensions, such a model can be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC.” OF COURSE THEY CAN TEST IT, WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT THE WORLDS GREATEST SCIENTISTS DONT LMAO

        • Drakorus Fellwing

          Not confusing anything jack been following LHC for years. Anything else you’d like to confuse?

          • Grey Ham

            who is jack ? think your confused as to what your on about

    • Jon

      @christopherchekosky:disqus is clearly a scientist at the LHC and not some random idiot online that has no idea what he’s talking about.

      • Robert Hillebrand

        That’s “Dr.” Chekosky to you

    • matthew

      and the duck goes moo and the dog goes quack and the cow goes woof… cause that’s the way it goes.

      • markymark

        But what does the fox say?

    • leannael

      i find that comforting. 🙂 Thank you.

    • Grydian

      First the experiment is about higher dimensions not parallel worlds.. The article is written poorly. Secondly even if it was about parallel world there would be no paradoxes. That comes from time travel. So all they are trying to do REALLY is find out how accurate string theory is.

    • paco

      Looks like someone is a non believer

      • Ashes2evil

        Shun the non beliver… shun shunnnn

        • Josh Marion

          aw dammit they stole my kidney

    • Dan

      what if black holes exist in the universe because alien civilizations became advanced enough to make high energy supercolliders, created a mini black hole, which gobbled everything up in the local vicinity? That would solve the fermi paradox at least. ::mind blown::

    • tr33m4n

      I guess the highly educated scientists at CERN have nothing on this guy

    • Dave Danger Payton

      Quinn Mallory wasn’t sure, either. Then look what happened.

      • Jan

        Yeah, worst case scenario: The black hole will suck in some black singer. Sorry, meant African American hole.

      • Robert Hillebrand

        Glad to see a Sliders reference. Nice taste

    • Grim

      It’s about detection mate.

    • Corey Harms

      Yes, please act like the guys in charge of one of the greatest creations of man have NO idea what they are doing. Plebian trash.

    • Grey Ham

      your confusing what you call a parralell universe with what the scientists mean. I draw your attention to this quote “We predict that gravity can leak into extra dimensions, and if it does, then miniature black holes can be produced at the LHC. Normally, when people think of the multiverse, they think of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualized.”

      “This cannot be tested and so it is philosophy and not science.”

      “This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions.”

      “As gravity can flow out of our universe into the extra dimensions, such a model can be tested by the detection of mini black holes at the LHC.” OF COURSE THEY CAN TEST IT, WHAT DO YOU KNOW THAT THE WORLDS GREATEST SCIENTISTS DONT LMAO

      • John J. Perry

        You are confusing “Your” with “You’re.”

        • Grey Ham

          and you are confusing me wih some one who gives two shits.

          • Pamela Lynn Beatty

            More shits than two if you count the shits not given in the parallel universes.

          • Grey Ham

            this is true,, but just to clarify i give zero shits, in this universe or the next

          • amaximus167

            That is going to get uncomfortable…

          • Christopher F.

            Well if you subscribe to the multiverse theory where everything that can happen does happen, then somewhere in those infinite universes not only do you give a shit, you therefore give infinite shits. 😛

          • Grey Ham

            i dont subscribe to the multiverse theory, i subscribe to the theory of real universes in extra dimensions. not parralell universes. It explains in the article the difference.

          • Grey Ham

            i fyou sibscribe to this idea, then I am right in everything I say, in another universe

          • John J. Perry

            You are jumping to conclusions. I only assumed that you gave one shit.

        • Peter Stavrianoudakis

          love it, grammar rules all dimensions. YOUR WRITE.

      • Varika

        Logic, apparently. Even scientists can overreach their data. What this experiment would actually be able to prove is the existence of dimensions beyond the four we currently define (ie, length, breadth, width, duration/time). It would NOT prove the existence of entire universes in those dimensions. It is still possible for it to be one, single universe containing more dimensions than human minds currently can envision. So no, they can’t test the existence of PARALLEL UNIVERSES with the Hadron Collider, because there isn’t a way to determine, from what they intend to try, if it’s another universe or just a dimension we don’t ordinarily interact with. Kind of like how you can’t tell, say, if two spots of dried bird crap on your car, that you are seeing for the first time just this moment, are from the same bird or different birds, just by looking at them. Sure, you could probably collect DNA from them and have it compared and find out, but in this example, the Hadron Collider is your eyes, not a couple Q-tips and a DNA lab.

        • David Weld

          very well said Varika!

        • Robert Hillebrand

          Well done, especially with the bird shit analogy.

    • Angel Rivera

      Nice job reading the article, which specified that this is NOT discussing the alternate timeline version of the multiverse which cannot be tested.

      Seriously, please go reread the article.

    • Steve Brown

      I totally understand where your coming from but ah… they are the ones working on the Hadron Collider and you are here.. with the rest of us. Just saying.

    • Goatflap

      Way to talk out of your rear….they have NEVER tried this before…nobody ever and yet you think you have the knowledge to state beyond a doubt that we lack the technology to do so….that is idiotic. The fact is we do not know if this technology can do what they are trying to do. People like you make me shake my head at how stupid you are for declaring something you obviously know nothing about.

  • Dante

    “No self-respecting scientist would ever use the name ‘God particle'” – Neil DeGrasse Tyson…

    • deathspal

      Just goes to prove jurnalism is not a science….

  • Silux

    This is amazing, I will be eagerly tuning in to check for updates!

    • Christopher Chekosky

      It’s fake. lol. You’ll be tuning in for a long time.

      • Jaime Peach

        It’s not fake. Google it.

        • Ashlea

          Haha cuz “Google” is always right.

          • Eric

            Well then please provide an alternative. 😉 If not Google, then how would you verify/debunk something?

          • Steven Cherecwich
          • IwuzBORNin1992

            You do realize that’s a joke, right? The people who run snopes.com are not perfect but the research and information provided is quite reliable, and sources are always cited so that one can themselves verify the conclusions reached.

          • Matt J Texas A&M

            No, Ashlea it is not. Google is never right or wrong. It is a search engine. However, when it is used correctly, it can take the user to reputable sources like journals and publications.

            Here is a little background information for you: http://www.kitp.ucsb.edu/kitpnews/files/raab/presentation_ekeren.pdf

            The large hadron collider (I am guessing you probably don’t know what a hadron is based on your use of the word “cuz”), is a REAL particle accelerator. This is not science fiction, and it costs roughly 1 billion dollars a year to keep it running. It has made ground breaking discoveries in the past, and will continue to do so with its new upgrades.

          • Jaime Peach

            Agreed. My suggestion “Google it” can be translated to “Do some research.” Google is a convenient way to find sources, the reputability of which must then be determined separately.

          • Mbonheim

            NERD FIGHT!

          • Ashlea

            Well, Matt, just because I used “cuz” in my reply, does not mean I do not know what the large Hadron is.

            I have spent many hours researching (not with google) particle accelerators.

            For you to pass judgment about a shortened word, “cuz” makes absolutely zero sense.

            Even Albert Einstein used short hand! He surly wasn’t stupid!

            Thank you,

          • Guest

            Probably more often than Christopher Chekosky I’d guess… jus sayin

  • Per Zangenberg

    These dudes need to watch the “Fringe” show or that movie The Mist…

    • Michael A. Diaz

      Or THE FLASH.

    • James Veylupek

      I agree with Per…

  • That’s a lot of power to be experimenting with. ;o

  • Timothy Weston

    Will it find..The Twilight Zone? 🙂

    • matthew

      or the scary door?

  • Hououin Kyouma

    Looks like SERN is trying to find their way into another timeline. Perhaps this is the will of Steins;Gate

  • Joe C

    If anyone finds the Doctor please let me know.

  • Radioman

    Black holes are not actually holes but areas of extreme mass, these scientists appear to be speaking of worm holes, the translator has done a rotten job

    • TrollSmasher

      I didn’t catch that, but you are certainly correct.

  • Steven DuckDuck Purnell

    keep an eye out for eyebrowless bald men observing our goings on… 😀

    • Steve Chillingworth

      Yes! LOVE a Fringe Reference!

    • sandy

      Omg!!! I doubt I will ever see one since they only show up for significant events. But It would be awesome to go to the lab at Harvard

    • p1uto

      was hoping to find a fringe reference here!!

  • TrollSmasher

    I see the naysayers scoffing, but I don’t see any indication in their comments that they have the education necessary to make their pronouncement.

    A true scientist — or even an honest, unbiased observer — would simply say “Interesting possibility.” and wait to see what happens, instead of declaring it “fake” with no evidence to back them up.

    But that’s just my opinion. I could be wrong.

    • Guest

      no ones said its fake

      • TrollSmasher

        “Christopher Chekosky->Silux•2 hours ago

        It’s fake. lol. You’ll be tuning in for a long time.”

        You were saying, TROLL?

        • BridgetD

          I don’t think he was trolling, but he probably didn’t read the comments thoroughly.

          • TrollSmasher


    • XBIRX505

      Where’s the Indication in your statement smart guy! It doesn’t take someone with a education to say “hmmmm Intresting!”
      Obviously People credibility on the Internet lacks, but to subjugate the majority as dumbfounded is wrong.
      Now on to the Collider it is an interesting subject, but is it worth the risk? I don’t think so. Even in a controlled Environment, as our species spells Disaster.

      • Goatflap

        So explain what education you have to tell us that it is a risk to our species? I am going with none and that you are an uneducated fear mongering coward.

        • AllisonK

          Don’t see you mentioning your credentials. Who are you to judge others. Next time you open your mouth, it better be because you’re eating your own hat.

          • Goatflap

            You really commented on something from three weeks ago? Pathetic. Oh and I didn’t make the sensationlist claims you twit so eat a d**k.

      • TrollSmasher

        Could you please repeat your post. English isn’t your first language, is it?

      • markbuehner

        There is no risk. It a rare minute of the day that a cosmic ray isnt creating a collision of higher energy than this in our atmosphere. Not to mention that mini black holes evaporate nearly instantly via Hawking Radiation.

    • BridgetD

      I do think it is an interesting concept, and I’m fairly certain that it is not fake unless my physics and astronomy classes have all been a big fat lie. Unlikely. They’ve been working towards this for years if my understanding is correct. But, I’m the furthest thing from an astrophysicist. The idea of parallel universes and actually being able to reach them makes my head spin a bit. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, and I’m sure it doesn’t make a lot of sense to many others here. Unfortunately, the gut reaction if something is uncomfortable is to deny it. That’s probably why there are many skeptics and outright deniers here.

  • Steve Zakszewski

    Look on the bright side– if our universe gets sucked into a black hole and an alternate universe, we might not have to suffer through the 2016 election madness.

    • Grim

      We could only be too lucky.

    • Migu El

      I’m the king of the world in some universes

      • Danny Livesey

        actually in INFINITE universes, don’t be so modest 😉

      • broncodano

        actually were all king of the world in some universes, so im sorry to say, were all back to being mediocre. sigh.

    • RonB

      Additionally, the alternate universe could wind up being completely Bieberless.

      • Rivegauche610

        Or republiKKKlan-less…

        • Paul E. McGowan

          Better yet politician-less. Democrats are as much of the problem as Republicans….the je Republic could do with less of both

          • Aaron Hanson

            Im pretty sure it was the Republican party that fought to abolish slavery. It was democrats that were the kkk.

          • Linda Coan

            History, man, learn it! The Republican party was the liberal one back then, Democrats were conservative, This is a stupid modern Republican talking point that is completely misleading. Please learn some history instead of just repeating what your talking heads said.

          • markbuehner

            Like wayyyy back in the 1960s when Dem politicians filibustered the Civil Rights Act and historic figures of the Dem party like Senator Byrd were KKK members, literally?

          • Stephen Reinhart

            You’re saying Lincoln was not a Republican?

        • Chris Tilton

          You do realize it was the democratic party created the KKK right?

          • helioblak

            democrat, not democratic…there s difference

          • Paul Doubles

            How did an article about physics turn into another divided political argument!?!? They’ve all got you where they want you – divided and conquered.

          • Rodriguez

            You have all answered my Question. Why do we need to look for
            completely new universe?

          • paxman

            Funny, but sadly true.

          • William R. Mosby

            Yes, but Nixon invited their descendants into the Republican Party (his “southern strategy”) and the rest is unfortunately history.

          • Vulcanator

            They might have been democrats but they were never liberal. The labels have changed in the South but that is it.

          • Dustin

            Parties flipped during The New Deal. L2History.

          • paxman

            More so when LBJ pass the Civil Right Act… at the time he warned that the Democratic Party had now lost the South for generations… Dick Nixon (that elegant, thoughtful, gentleman) took advantage of the Civil Rights Act, building a new base on racial prejudice that the GOP lives on to this day.

          • naprovniknaprovnik

            And they ALL changed to Republican’ts when LBJ signed the Civil Rights Bill – you do realize that, don’t you ? (snicker)

          • mtbr1975

            Democrat does not mean Liberal, back then it was quite Conservative.

        • Lostallhope

          or one could say libneraless…but it’s best to say ideologues, hyper partisans, FUDmasters of both sides

          • shaun jones


        • chris2155

          Cecilia Munoz was the Head of LA RAZA, that’ Spanish for “the race” your Liberal degenerate leader has the Brown version of the KKK in the white house right now…Well done traitor. in the next universe, hopefully we can impale Liberals.

          • YourFriendlyPatriot

            And both parties are ran by some banker satanists may be perhaps part reptile we don’t know.

            All in all they are both equally evil and are part the same diabolical antihuman war machine that is tearing apart not only countries but the people who cannot think beyond their governemnts box of false flags and misinformation media.

            Really it’s the same funding for both sides. Everything you “democrats” or “republicans” see is just a show.

            Don’t believe me? Do some research, there are hundred of books by governemnts officials past and present. Can’t read? YouTube is full of them. But learn the truth now before it’s all brain washed out in “fun” reduction camps

          • Kevin Myerson

            seek professional mental help. this is not an insult. I am completely serious, and genuinely concerned.

        • DJC

          @Rivegauche610 just another regressive, commie, libtard!

          Republicans didn’t start the KKK, Southern Democrats did.
          Republicans didn’t ignite the current racial tensions in America, B.O., Eric Holder, “reverend” Al, and the liberal media did.
          Republicans did not send arms and ammunition to the MExican Drug Cartels, Eric Holder did.
          Republicans didn’t allow the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, B.O. and Hillary Clinton did.
          Republicans did not bankrupt Detroit, turning it into a destitute graveyard, 50 years for failed Democratic policies did.

          • Dustin

            “Southern Democrats” were modern-day Republicans, smart guy. You know, the Confederacy? Do you even history, bro? I won’t even bother with the rest of your drivel, just wanted to point out the glaring problem in your very first sentence (not counting the ad hominem you threw at Rivegauche).

          • Brad Foster

            If you think the Confederacy was anything like the modern day Republicans, you don’t “history” either.

            They were more like libertarians.

            I’m sure I’ll be bashed by people who haven’t done their research, going on what their propaganda filled US government written text books. The Confederacy is an example of what happens when the American Revolution doesn’t go the way of the rebels. Racism was propaganda created by the Union to gain sympathy. But don’t take my word for it, look it up. Lincoln said on multiple occasions that slavery was irrelevant, that “if I could be the war by allowing slavery, I would.” The Emancipation Proclamation didn’t free a single slave. Its the equivelant of the US passing a law banning smoking in the UK. The Confederacy had voluntarily withdrawn from the Union the same way they voluntarily joined. The EP freed slaves only in the Confederacy, not the Union. In fact, once passed, many Union soldiers went home. A popular opinion was they were fighting for unification, not dying for slaves. The War Between The States was not a “civil war” at all. A civil war is a struggle for power. Had the Union laid down there weapons, there would be no war. It was a war caused completely by Northern Aggression towards the south. That same aggression is seen today, and that same hatred for the north can be seen today. This was a war caused by taxation without representation. This was a war caused by Lincoln ignoring the states rights to sovereignty. That’s not an opinion. Its as clear as day to anyone who can use Google. So…”do you even history, bro?”


          • disqus_JH0C1gPiN3

            ^ #neoconfederate

          • mtbr1975

            Umm… You’re wrong on so many counts I don’t even know where to start.

          • Vonduit

            You are wrong…you just got a great history lesson…….

          • Joseph

            To be more precise, Lincoln issued the EP to prevent Britain and France from entering the war on the side of the south. And you are correct that it freed only slaves in the south but not in the union border sttates.

          • UseMeAbuseMe4Ever

            I will be correcting your entire passage. Please let the waitress know if you need anything.

            To address your points in order:
            1. As so aptly pointed out by Dustin, Southern Democrats were modern-day Republicans.
            2. The current racial tensions have risen because warmongering intolerant Republicans have oppressed everyone who isn’t them.
            3. Republicans including your favorite son, Ronald Reagan not only sent arms to South American drug cartels, but traded weapons for hostages, even as he was professing publicly that the US doesn’t negotiate with terrorists.
            4. Republicans did allow the murder of over 1 million Iraqi citizens in a war based on complete lies by a Republican president.
            5. Republicans would have let the banks and the auto industry go under, all in a bid to save the “free market”, devastating countless families and collateral businesses and the entire American economy.

            In short, your arguments suck.

          • Joseph

            I hate to interject reality into your otherwise flawless and typical libtard tirade, but here we go. On what basis do you claim post bellum democrats are modern day republicans? Cuz obama Said so? Reality check. The Republican party was started to abolish slavery. The dems wrote the Jim Crowe laws. The dems were the KKK. I’d like to see your proof?
            “War mongering intolerant republicans” … nice rant. If you lack facts just call names. Reality check. It has been decades of liberal democrat entitlement and failed welfare programs that have enslaved modern day back people. The current racial division is created and fed upon by Barry hussein and the ass clown sharpton all for political and monetary gain. Give me some evidence of Republican “oppression” or do you just regurgitate what your handlers say?
            Your evidence of Republicans arming drug cartels is quite lacking. While Obama’s fast and furious is a fact. Reagan dealing with Iran was wrong. But not nearly as wrong as the feckless and inept policies of king barry who has lit the middle east on fire and is clueless what to do about it. But at least he has armed enough terrorists to keep the show alive for some time.
            Let’s see your “facts” about Iraqi war casualties. I always hear the magical “million” thrown around. Care to supply a link to real numbers? Or can you? Btw your wonderful dimocrats had access to all the Intel on the war. Most were too busy to actually read it.
            And last but not least. No business is “too big to fail ” and while your concern for displaced workers is admirable, all obama did was put the unions in his debt. The same ones who ran the industry into the ground with corruption in the first place. But you keep believing what sharpton fills your head with. And I’ll be waiting to see your “proof” for your alleagations, because in short, your argument sucks.

          • Jeiner

            Damn. I bet you were confident that your arguments were sound when you hit “send” on that. I bet, in your personal life, there is no debating with you Joseph and you think it’s because you’re smart.

          • Joseph


          • guenther42

            To begin a response to Joseph, all of the political arguments above are specious. This started out as an article on Physics! But since most US citizens comprehend divisive politics BUT NOT R&D science, all this nonsense ensues. So, putting my boots on, my comments are 1. The black holes are nano-scale and stable for a nanosecond. 2. As for the GOP’s ST. Ronald Reagan, history of our economy has shown that Reagonomics was ALWAYS smoke & mirrors: trickle-down economics has been a colossal failure. The GOP platforms for 1980, 1984, 1988, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016 should be an embarrassment to any thoughtful American. That said, both parties have morphed into machines that, except for individuals like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and other members of the Progressive Caucus, no longer walk the walk to write game-changing legislation on behalf of the 99%. Both support a corrupt ‘national security’ state that thrives on destabilization of any country not aligned with our economic interests. War makes money, so we make war everywhere. Care to dispute the obvious?

          • Joseph

            Hmmm…seems someone deleted my post because they don’t like a counter point of view. typical liberal progressive actions. To dispute the obvious…..Reagonomics, best summed up by the opposing dems. “we tried to down play it, but the damn thing is working”.
            both parties being equally disappointing…agreed. Sanders and Warren as saviors? You’ve got to be kidding.
            So tell me, is Obama’s idea of spending till there is nothing left working for you and yours?

          • Thorsten Stier

            An example please for the working of trickle down economics..!?

            It´s the mantra of the reps for now over 30 years and where´s the majority of the american population now!?

            And how good has the last 3 decades been for the rich!?

            30 years of taxcuts and compensations for industry and the rich, where´s the outcry about these “moochers” , where has that anything to to with free market!?

            And when did Obama say that he would spent “till there is nothing left” !?

            You pay with your income for the taxcuts of the rich and the industry, yet none of them are the “job-creators” whom everybody was talking bout before the last election, and how many jobs do they create in the US compared to Jobs been created in India,China or anywhere else where´s no labour and workplace-safety-rules with low wages….
            Yet people like you defend these people and fight the or ridicule the ones that want to change that, I really don´t get it……

          • Thorsten Stier

            On point, thx!

          • Mark Temple

            Yes Sr, I guess I could field this one. You mean the Iraqi war was Profitable to us. Are you considering the life’s lost as well. How much money did “we” make off this war “we” made because they weren’t in line with “our” economic interest. Am I taking what you said out of context? well maybe, but then again aren’t these rants about corruption in our legislative and judicial systems? So please watch how you use your words of Association because I’m no part of it. PS… You know you did throw down the gauntlet and I just can’t walk away from a good challenge. Peace brother,****** I’m just having some fun!

          • Vonduit

            In short…..Ronald Reagan….George Bush….or even Jimmy Carter couldn’t even begin to touch the lies and bs the current president has done…did you get any money during the financial collapse? I didn’t …..does the government prop up millions of others when they fail? NO!!!! If these thieves were allowed to fail….we would be on better shape today!!!

          • UseMeAbuseMe4Ever

            Did you have some specifics, or you just hate Obama because he’s black? Did I get any money during the financial collapse? Nope. What does that have to do with the price of rice? Does the government prop up business that would collapse an entire economy otherwise? A smart one does. Are they thieves? Yes, most certainly. Do they deserve the bailout? Absolutely NOT. That is all beside the point, unless of course you consider that Republican policies brought on all those situations that you talk about, to begin with. How about some specific arguments and not just generalizations?

          • Vonduit

            If you like your doctor you can keep him ! Not a smidgen of corruption in the IRS targeting , I found out about it when.you did…..from the news….if I had a son he would look like trayvon ….no…..we are not spying on americans! I made a good trade……a deserter for 5 Taliban generals! Need more? When big business fail others are born..remember the stock market crash of the early 30’s…bail out the American people and the economy would thrive….bail out the banks and we’re still in a recession! Republican policies that brought on all those situations? Your dreaming on that one..ever heard of fanny Mae and Freddie mac? Those were democrat babies ….when the crash happened….democrats were in control …

          • Thorsten Stier

            Maybe I messed something up, but I would bet my arm that G.W.Bush was in Office when the crisis had started and If I´m not completly wrong as far as I know had Reagan blown up the deficit in first place?You are right in one point that Clinton as a dem made the legal foundation for the bankcrisis…..but the biggest slap to your country moneywise in my view was the iraqwar – your country should have the spine to call people like Bush,Cheney,Rice,etc….what they are – warcriminals and sent them to Den Haag…that would be a start to earn some respect back in the world and to stop using double standarts on your country…..witch isn´t that exceptional so many americans are never get tired to proclaim…

          • Dakota Matthews

            “Regressive commie libtard” lol that’s a true republican if I ever saw one. Your ignorance levels are over 9000. I know you can’t really read, that’s why your policies that you people always push for never make sense, but try to pick up a dictionary and look up words before you use them. “Communism” does not mean Satan worshippers like you religious zealots probably think, nor does it have anything to do with “liberals.” But hey, I understand that mental disabilities are ubiquitous throughout politics. Probably just another dumb fucking Mormon too.

          • mtbr1975

            You should leave the Mormon off, you were right up till that point…

          • Kevin Myerson

            I love how the Conservatives trying pretended conservatives weren’t Democrats at the time and progressives weren’t Republican. tell it to your idiot friends who’d believe you. It wont work on liberals. liberals read.

          • Brad Foster

            Neither side is the winner here. Its easy to tell by the last three decades of presidential choices that neither side reads, nor has a brain to share with their other zombie friends.

          • Mike Carlen

            Apparently they also have excellent grammar and fabulous typing skills.

          • Kevin Myerson

            is using Google “speak to type” lol

          • Joseph

            most liberals I know read comics.

          • Dustyn Polk

            Shall we look into Republicans, or do you want to just use history as a bashing tool, instead of a learning example?
            Neither Republicans nor Dixiecrats started the Klan. Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Union General, started it, and his political views much more closely mesh with modern Republican stances than not.

            The “current” racial tensions are simply an extension of pre-existing situations and concerns by the black residents of the United States. These tensions have existed from the time of the Reconstruction of the South, and have more or less endured through the years, just in different incarnations. We can start with gentrification and move on from there, if you’d like.

            No, “Fast and Furious” didn’t happen under a Republican President, but Iran-Contra did, and involved not just arms but drugs as well.

            Benghazi. Funny you should mention an event that didn’t play out in any shape, form, or fashion akin to how it was portrayed in the media, or at least according to every Republican-led inquiry into the matter. I think that they are gearing up for yet another inquiry, which should raise the total price of investment of time and resources to the roughly half a billion dollar mark, unless my calculations are wrong. The odds on some miracle happening and previously unknown information coming to light is about as scarce as political rhetoric being polite and congenial.
            Detroit was doomed the instant that Republicans, under a Republican President, authorized the outsourcing of millions of blue collar jobs, allowing for “American” cars to be built overseas for a significantly lower price point given that unions do not exist in those nations.

            So how many millions of jobs have been outsourced now, by the by? I think the number is in the tens of millions, which would lower the unemployment rate in this nation drastically.

            Republicans gave us both editions of the Patriot Act, which actually denies American citizens 4th Amendment rights simply on an accusation from the government. Nothing like trying to relive the glory days of McCarthyism, is there?

            Republicans spearheaded gay marriage bans.
            Republican states frequently rank at the bottom of the list of all 50 states in terms of healthcare for the poor, education, income, and rank highest in terms of court cases concerning civil rights violations. This seems to be a trend I would, personally, not want to endorse.
            Republicans backed Citizens United, yet another undermining of the electoral process.
            Shall I continue, because I can more than readily support all of these examples with numerous reports, media stories, and C-SPAN records, as well as voting records for all current and former Republican Senators and Representatives.

            Just because there is an ‘R’ after a person’s name doesn’t mean that they should automatically receive your support. The ‘dumbing down’ of America started with and will end with the amount of attention we pay to our government. Sadly, more people are interested in laying blame than trying to clean up the mess. Which side do you really want to be on, if your grand children ask you…

        • Cass Wood

          This is why we, as a nation, have not gotten very far in the last decade… Political parties out for blood, fighting each other and contributing to the problem instead of trying to find a solution together. I get that it is only human to disagree, but to allow the disagreement to get in the way all else is pure insanity in my opinion. It is tiring listening (reading) all the fighting, so I wont even bother reading the rest of this. If ya’ll don’t like something happening, how about instead of complaining about it, or flinging insults at each other, we ALL (myself included) get off our collective asses and DO something about it. Screaming the loudest isn’t going to get your voices heard…

          • ce373

            Cass Wood; thought you might be interested?

            The Extreme Victimization of the American People by the Abhorrent Functioning of the United States Political System and Process!

            The American People are being Extremely Victimized by the American Political Process! Americans always end up with the same results; their candidates get elected but go too far with their agendas and ideologies and so get voted out and then the same thing happens with those candidates that take their place! With all the time and money that is being spent, the American people are not getting their money’s worth!

            One side gets a majority and then goes too far with their agendas and ideologies and then the other side gets the majority and starts to undo what the other side has done and then they go too far and our government just stays out of balance. Just think, if these Fellow Americans would just work together seeking communication, collaboration, possible consensus to make things better for everyone and teaching others to do the same, then maybe, they would have much more time to face the issues that Americans have to deal with everyday and help fix them. But no, they spend so much time campaigning, politicizing so many things, making so many things political footballs that the truth about the issues become smoke and mirrors and objectivity flies out the window.

            The Hypothesis must be true that future potential leaders are taught in the Ivy league schools that every controversy is good because it can create another fund raiser.

            The Media creates controversies if they can’t find them because controversies during campaign time makes Christmas time for the Media because their is so much money to be made!

            In the 2012 Presidential Election, there were more than one million ads at a cost of more than Nine Hundred Million Dollars and most people just changed the channel and threw the mailers into the waste paper baskets!

            In the overall 2012 Presidential Election, there was more than Six Billion Dollars Spent for a $400,000.00 a year Presidential job and the other American elections … that’s about $46.00 per vote … and we want these people to be trusted with our money!!! How much will be raised and spent 8 years from now … fifty billion dollars???

            Americans have been so conditioned from a very young age to join sides during team play and to try to win while the other side loses and this conditioning increases as they do this over and over again while growing up.

            In the United States, Elections have become like football games with a “win no matter what” mentality and in the process we all lose!!! The elections are filled with pre-analysis, polling, exit polling, post analysis, etc., and the people are kept divided on one side or the other because they are so proselytized into believing that they are making a difference and if their side doesn’t win, it will be a terrible four years! After all is said and done, the political parties and politicians head to the banks with millions of dollars from the electors!

            Working together as Fellow Americans does not mean compromising one’s values, morals, ethics … etc.!

            Working together is an absolute necessity because according to recent brain scans, liberals are not wired like conservatives and so America needs both working together to create balance and the best decisions for the American people.

            Americans do not get the best decisions on the issues because it is all about power, money and votes and some politicians function as if they are in an occult and they need to be deprogrammed!

            It just seems to be Government of the Republicans, by the Democrats, and for the Government that is coerced by the dividing media, special interests, 24/7 talking heads, think tanks, political pundits … etc.!

            Finally, the biggest problem is that the results end up being the same … The American People staying Divided when they could be working together for the Good Of ALL!!!

            When there is a political event, both major parties and other willing political parties should all help organize the event; all participate and show the electorate how they can reason together on the issues to get the best decisions for the American people. Let the Politicians learn to work together from the “get go!” This scenario will determine who we elect; it will be based on who can work together getting the best decisions on the issues for the American People to make things better for everybody, instead of decisions based on power money and votes!

            There are entities within and outside our borders that want to impose their agendas and ideologies on America and in the process take away our Freedoms, Sovereignty, The United States Constitution with its Bill of Rights, The Emancipation Proclamation, The Declaration of Independence, Freedom of the Press … etc.!!!

            We must stop this madness … we should look for and elect candidates that are willing to work together as Fellow Americans, seeking common ground with all the other elected Politicians … otherwise, this madness will just get even worse!!!

            Albert Einstein said that we cannot expect different results with the same type of thinking that helped to create the problems!

            BTW, after the elections, this same way of functioning or might we say dysfunction, continues in the way Congress does it’s daily business so that each side can blame the other … keeping us divided and trying to get even more money out of us! If it isn’t racketeering, it is as close to it as it can possibly get!

            All levels of government are the “New Welfare State;” it is never enough money for them! Our country is becoming an “Oligarchy” instead of a Democratic Republic; it really is a battle between the 1% and the 99%!

            Worldwide, the Oligarchists are destroying what civilizations could become and in the process, they will destroy themselves!

            Campaigning and voting should become “One Dollar, One Vote”!

          • Terry Hicks

            What a bag of wind!

          • Myra

            All you needed was this: “Campaigning and voting should become “One Dollar, One Vote!”

          • Steven Boyde


          • CWK

            Time for a Constitutional Convention. First on the list? Term limits for EVERYONE. Including the court system.

          • Cass Wood

            And the original comment has been deleted, someone was out to cause chaos.

        • Ken Gorman

          All politicians are complete A-holes, taking sides just means you’re supporting a-holes. Don’t be a clueless clam waiting to be culled by the Walrus and The Carpenter

      • Lostallhope

        And Ringo Star might be a good drummer?

        • Steve Brown

          Thanks for the best laugh all day !! 😀

        • Ydna W

          He’s a fucking ace drummer

          • Guest

            Evidence of an alternate universe already?

          • Autòlic

            Evidence of drummers only, by now… 😉

        • Patrick Jones

          Ringo might be a so-so drummer, but his kid is a great one.

        • Jiří Novák

          Red Dwarf line detected! 🙂

        • RETMOS08

          He might not be the best drummer but we’re still talking about him 40 years after he stopped drumming! He is also rich, famous and probably doesn’t have to wake up in the morning if he doesn’t want to.

          • Chance Haddan

            Maybe we will find where the good music went, it “leaked” into the parallel one. I say we go find it.

      • DJC

        Or perhaps a parallel universe could be B.O. less… Wouldn’t that be a dream!

        No Obamacare (or the 280+ new taxes that came with it)
        No strained racial relations in the US.
        No Benghazi
        No Fast & Furious
        America would no longer be the laughing stock of the world
        Relations with our allies (NATO, Israel) would be intact.
        Military veterans would not die on a VA waiting list.

        • RonB

          Oh you poor, poor dear. I wish I could live in your white supremacist Keebler elf fantasy world. Life would make so much more black-and-white sense. So to speak.

          • chris2155

            you Libs are a hoot..we dont like your degenerate leader so that translates as we dont like all blacks..you people need to be medicated.

          • RonB

            I think the fact that you’re clumping me into a broad category by calling me one of “you libs” tells me all I need to know about your level of intelligence. You’re entertaining, though!

          • naprovniknaprovnik

            You like the ones who tolerate the lies and BS.

          • shaun jones

            if you where honest with yourself, you would admit “well im not, but yes unfortunately it tends to bring alot of racists this way because they feel it fits their mindset”

          • chris2155

            by the way..I really..HATE Obama, I despise him down to the depth sof my very being..I’ll happily vote for Dr Ben carson though..so kindly STFU lib.

          • shaun jones

            your not racist… you just stereotype people based on their political views…. which just means you are an entirely different type of idiot.

          • Steve Zakszewski

            He lives in an alternate world where trailer-trash white power meth-heads who shoot cops are considered superior beings.

          • Brodie Cusack

            Will they send a probe in? And would it provide a small shortcut tunnel to somewhere else?

          • RonB

            I considered that a given, Steve, but LMFAO at your killer verbal portrait!

          • Steve Zakszewski

            Thanks Ron. You should pick up a copy of my novel American Loser. I think you’d enjoy it. {end: shameless plug}

        • Simmerthezimmer

          If we still had Bush in that universe then we’ll still be the laughing stock.

          • Laura Alyiss Seidl


        • Steve Zakszewski

          Yes, in your alternative world we might be living with almost 20 million Americans without health insurance and tens of thousands dying from easily preventable diseases because they couldn’t afford doctor’s visits, McCain or Lord Mittens would have gotten thousands of US troops killed by sending them into Iraq and the Ukraine, we’d be suffering from the Great Depression II because President McCain would have slashed taxes on the rich and refused to regulate Wall Street and left tens of millions of Americans destitute, we would have had dozens more Benghazis because McCain would have further slashed funds for US consulate security around the world, and those veterans still would have died because of VA screwups and long waits because at least Obama had requirements that the VA cut wait times and report them– McCain or Lord Mittens never would have instituted those requirements.

          I’ll take our current reality, thank you very much.

        • Dustin

          Bullshit Fox News talking points (other than Fast & Furious, and race relations that have nothing to do with Obama). Benghazi Gate was manufactured by Bullshit Mountain to give ignorant sheep like yourself something to say when the grownups are talking.
          “For two years, they used Benghazi as shorthand, as a symbol for the whole concept of a corrupt, lying, tyrannical, possibly murderous Obama White House. Kind of like others used ‘Hands Up, Don’t Shoot’ as a symbol for systemic racism. And there’s really only one difference …systemic racism actually exists.”

          • Richard

            Namecalling? Tell us what a libtard is? Obama inherited the wars from an idiot. His lowest approval ratings are higher than anyone’s since LBJ. Reagan funded Nicaraguan fascists. The US has been funding fascist regimes in South and Central America since Castro, rather than support democracy.
            Obama voted against the Iraq intervention, right?

            Fast and Furious? Even if Obama was AWARE of a plan to track drug cartels that was messed up by incompetent intelligence agencies, when it comes to foreign policy, Bush TORTURED people!!! That trumps EVERYTHING.
            Obama is LOVED around the world. People see what the right is doing in America and realise they’re hateful! Their language of profound negativity is hilarious and DISGUSTING.

        • Laura Alyiss Seidl

          America was laughing stock before Obama believe me..you can thank Bush for that.

          • Mike Carlen

            Actually you can thank Americans for that.

      • Ray Edwards

        No such luck. It will be the one where everyone wears cowboy hats.

      • Rod Norman

        You never know. In an alternate universe we could all look like Justin Bieber.

    • Hannibalektr

      Arnold Schwarzenegger is president there.

    • Greg Scott

      I wonder what kind of HealthCare they have??

      {As long as it isn’t recycling the weak, injured, and dead back into the food supply…}

    • helioblak

      i’d hate to miss the upcoming ‘obama free’ time

    • Steve Brown

      Maybe if we get sucked in, it will be a world where no one ever heard of the George Dubya or the rest of the
      Bush family 😀

      • MC_bot

        Could get worse in this Universe; Ted Cruz could become president.

    • Horwath Roselawn


    • Jack Cannon

      Or maybe the 2008 election would have gone better and the 2016 elections wouldn’t be quite the same brand of madness. 😉

  • Smedley

    So…..we open a black hole and get sucked into a parallel universe…………..as long as they have donuts…………I’m happy.

    • Phill Hyamson

      How about a toroidal universe with donuts.

      • Guest

        Lol…; )

      • Cara Piskiski

        How about a helical universe with a dozen toruses and vadais?

        • Phill Hyamson

          Lol, sounds great, though I’ve yet to try a vadai.

  • Seth

    I’ve read a few of the responses. Its hell no, that’s amazing, impossible, what if… I have yet to see DANGER WILL ROBINSON DANGER. WTF people do we really need to open a black hole??? I can’t imagine the level of pompousness that we must have to even consider this, however the geek in me is ready for the hole to open and for my suppressed super abilities to come forth…..

    • Christopher F.

      You clearly don’t know anything about black holes and how they work.

  • Guy Green

    i for one welcome our new Reptilian overlords

    • Mbonheim

      I’d like to remind them that as a trusted TV personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

      • oh just let me fucking post

        Hail ants

        • Jury_of_Morons

          What if it is an alternate universe lead by fluffy bunnies? I like fluffy bunnies.

    • Steve Brown

      All Glory to the Hypnotoad.

  • arnica2007

    THAT’S SPECIAL, but can we spend a little more time (AND money) on the **CKED UP DIMENSION AND ENVIRONMENT we have HERE?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For *uck’s sake, when are mommies going to teach their little scientists to CLEAN UP THE ROOM THEY JUST MESSED instead of going to another one?!! Nature trumps science (always) and we cannot escape our lack of integrity towards our Mother Earth. If a few of us try, and spend ALL our resources on sh** like this, then we will ALL lose- LIFE ON EARTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • tr33m4n

      Uhuh, so you read this article and came here to say what exactly?

    • Grim

      I hear ya, however, we could uncover a radical new source of energy. I’m merely trying to remain positive here.

    • Broken Raver

      I agree that we need to care for our environment, but you are doing it wrong. You come across unintelligent because of putting things in all caps using profanity and saying “nature trumps science” nature is a part of science and on numerous occasions science has beat nature. Have you ever gotten a vaccine or surgery that is science beating nature. Even thou I agree with you, it was very easy to dismiss you as another stupid person on the internet because of how you voiced your opinion.

      • arnica2007

        I apologize, I was a bit frustrated that day. I guess I am just really tired of so much money being spent on things like this collider, when our planet/environment is being mined, fracked, poisoned, and over-populated to death. We need to fix things in the here and now before we look at other ‘dimensions’. I suppose I am of the thought that less, is more, when it comes to technology of the day, but now that we are being bombarded by pollution from all angles, it seems too late for a natural solution. (sorry, I didn’t know they have italicization here!!) I shouldn’t worry too much, we’re not going to be in existence as a species long enough to find any other ‘dimensions’, we will have fracked and mined our world out of existence for all the metal in cars, and buildings, and that collider and such. And our air will un-breathable, our water, undrinkable.

        I am fully aware that all the ways humans have tweaked w/ nature ultimately comes from nature, but has been so-to-speak, bastardized by man through technology. Styrofoam for instance. Even George Carlin didn’t see the virtue in it, although it is still being used today. So, tell me in say oh, 20-30 years from now, whether nature doesn’t trump science. lol! (By ‘trump’, I mean in magnitude of general importance, not in who ‘beats’ who) I won’t need to worry because chances are, with the way things are going, no-one will be here to debate with. If we’re still around, no one will dare argue, because it will be then that the one-percent are going to be looking for a way off the planet to save themselves from a ship of fools. Oh, and you don’t need to get into a religious discus. w/ me here either (just incase), lol, I am not religious, but even Jesus wouldn’t see us fit for saving.

        Again, I apologize, it’s just a sore subject for me, but I prob. did deserve the scolding.

        • arnica2007

          Italics don’t work after all lol!

  • edmundhooper

    How about we worry about our dimension and reality first. Who’s paying for this anyways? Just like every cool invention, we end up just making it a weapon.

    • Devon Kaufman

      Because singularity based weapons are such a GREAT idea, Foreign official: THATS MY COOKIE!!
      US Official: *pulls out singularity gun, opens black hole, kills entire planet.
      ^ yes singularity weapons sound awesome! NOT

      • Christopher F.

        good luck weaponizing something that evaporates picoseconds after it forms.

    • Phill Hyamson

      Maybe we can add a tunnel that goes into space to shoot earthbound asteroids with proton beams. PEW PEW PEW. Hmm, now it looks pissed.

  • Grim

    Stephen Hawking has postulated that these possible mini-black holes could be catastrophic. The CERN scientists feel otherwise. I can only believe that we will be successful in uncovering the truth without any viable negative recourse. Good luck ladies and gentlemen; worst case scenario, I’ll see you on the other side.

    • Curtis Corse

      As far as I understand it, tiny black holes would evaporate almost as soon as they were brought into existence so they shouldn’t pose much of a problem in terms of catastrophic damage.

  • Oscarstein

    Don’t do it! Matthew McConaughey is gonna come through trying to speak Morse through our apple watches!

  • Aaron DaddysGirl Allison

    If this comes about in my life time, I’m so pulling a Jet Li from “The One”. Then I will be invincible!!! Muahahahaha!

    • Grim


    • Trixter


      • There can only be one.

    • Robert Hillebrand

      That’s assuming there’s a finite number of universes to pull all that divine power from, otherwise you’ll just be going at it till the end of time.

  • Stephan Smith

    Seems that if there were other advanced civilizations in the Universe, this would have already been attempted. Unless we are the most advanced.

    • Phill Hyamson

      Maybe they have, they just haven’t bothered to let us know what happens, assuming they survived the experiment…

    • xTkAx

      what if they have, and that is why there are black holes?

  • Bill Borneman

    And then this happened.

  • Reese Woods

    Interesting possibilities.

  • I hope they have stargates and that Roland Emmerich works at a hamburger joint.

  • DaveTheJackal

    This article is terrible. They are not trying to contact other universes at all. What the physicist probably actually said was “This is not what we mean. What we mean is our universe has extra dimensions.”. What a pile of crap.

  • Mojokiller ShiftTwo

    Theorically speaking a tiny black hole will collapse cuz there is not enough energy to become a huge one it will collpase by itself cuz of lack of energy to sustain it… but if gravity interacts with other dimensions and so happens, this other particles outside our own universe could interact with the black hole and could be trouble …what happens if in the other dimensions there is enough particles or different particles that can give energy to the tiny blck hole to sustain it or even worse to make it big without energy limitations because is passing through energy through gravity to the black hole? and black holes are all gravity about …it could possibly end us.

  • Hououin Kyoma!

    I’m the great mad scientist, Hououin Kyoma! and i will prevent cern from making a time machine!

    • Hououin Kyoma!


  • Craig Wood

    It will open up a wormhole and the locusts from the Apocalypse will come and bring torment to man.

  • David Wade

    Just think, there could be an alternate universe when Gore defeated Bush and 9/11 never happened.

  • Rauli Kumpulainen

    Gotta die of something. May aswell be a painless death of being sucked into singularity.

  • 0cool99 .

    Sigh. As one of the other commenters stated yes interesting possibility, but at the same time one must note that the possibility of something bad happening are equally as likely. If Steven Hawking has truly spoken out against this then those involved should at the least think about this some more. Which means that is something catastrophic does happen then those involved have elected to play the role of a “god” with the world. Have we as humans not figured out by now that when anyone tries to do that, they inevitably suffer from the consequences of their own design?

    • Goatflap

      He bet against the discovery of the Higgs Boson partice being discovered….that is all. He lost his $100 bet by the way. This has nothing to do with god…fairy tales have nothing to do with real science.

      • 0cool99 .

        You misundetand me. When I say that they are trying to play “god” I am only referencing the idea that anyone has the right to decide the fate of others (i.e. taking their lives into their own hand) without allowing for the people to be allowed to speak on their own behalf. I am not referencing and divine being or as you called it fairy tales. Please do not assume you know what I am meaning. As for losing any bets I never said that he is perfect just that being as smart as he is that the scientists should THINK about this some more not that they should outright just stop what they are doing and bury it. So I point out to you please read what is actually said and do not change or add to my words.

        • Goatflap

          You stated Stephen Hawking spoke out against the LHC butif you bothered to do some research you would find the story on his bet. You literally have no idea of the risks of the LHC. Do you really think everyone should have a say in its use based on no other reason than they are fearful cowards like you who know nothing about science? That is ludicrous.

          • 0cool99 .

            I see, so what I had hoped would continue as an actual discussion has turned into nothing more that a game of insults. I have yet to insult you and hoped that it could continue as such but if this is where this conversation/discussion ends then so be it. I will not partake in a fools game such as that. (Please note I did not call you on just that the unnecessary use of them is). Have a good day and goodbye.

          • Goatflap

            Ridiculous ideas and stupidity deserve ridicule not coddling. You are a fear mongering coward with no knowledge of science who is commenting on a science article…you deserve to be insulted.

  • life359

    Scary stuff. Definitely sounds like something out of Fringe, one of the greatest shows in years.

    Hope this somehow leads to solving light speed travel physical limitations.

  • Stopattack2014

    This leaves me ConCerned bwahahaha

  • IpawnprozCarloz

    Time to find gallifrey

  • Patrick Jones

    Ronald Reagan could still be alive in a parallel universe and Obama could merely be the mayor of Chicago.

  • Marshall

    A lot of people seem to be confused about the extra dimensions. Some physicists think that the extra dimensions are very tiny and even rolled up. Think of a tight rope. To a tight-rope walker, it is a one-dimensional object. You can walk back and forth. You can’t go up/down or left/right. But to something small (say, an ant), it is a rolled-up 2-D object. An ant can crawl back and forth like a human, but can also crawl around the rope in a second dimension. Some physicists think we have such extra dimensions, but they are probably much smaller than atoms.

    Scientists think this explains why gravity is so weak compared to the other forces. They think gravity sends its fields out into the higher dimensions in addition to our normal three, while the other forces stay within the three we know. Gravity is sort of diluted by the extra dimensions.

    Think of a water hose. You turn on the water and it comes out of the hose in a heavy, 1-D stream. The stream is very strong and produces a lot of force when it strikes your hand. Now, put your thumb over the end of the hose so it sprays out in a 2-D fan. The force of the 2-D spray is much less than the1-D stream. The more spread out the spray is, the less force it exerts when it hits something of a given size because some of the water misses the target.

    Many people naturally think that gravity is quite strong. But, if you take a balloon, fill it with air (not helium), and rub it on the carpet, it will cling to your downward facing palm instead of falling to the floor. So, despite the fact that your little palm is much smaller than the gigantic Earth, it attracts the balloon with a stronger force (electromagnetism) than the Earth’s gravity.

    I believe I read these explanations in Lisa Randall’s “Warped Passages.” Dr. Randall is one of the people who have been asking for this experiment to see if these theories are correct. Her book is fascinating and well-written for the general public. So, if this sort of thing interests you, I highly recommend it.

  • Chris America

    A alternate universe with No taxes, No corrupt politicians, No senseless murdering our own kind? Wow they might be intelligent or they might just eat us for lunch?

  • Cristian Ovidiu Pop

    There is one Universe hence the name Universe its possible parallel dimensions but only in the Universe itself but there are many types of light and we can only see a few of them so some things in the Universe remains hidden until we progress to see them.

    • Christopher F.

      We can’t say for certain if there is only one universe. See, every time in the past that we’ve said “There’s only one X, and its ours” we’ve been proven wrong.

      • Marshall

        Christopher: From dictionary.com: Universe: “The totality of known or supposed objects and phenomena throughout space.” There can be only one universe because, by definition, the universe is all that is. It may be much bigger and more complicated than the one we can sense, which is more appropriately called our space/time continuum. There may be other space/time continua that are much different than ours, but they are all part of the same universe.

        • Christopher F.

          Key words there being “throughout space”. By definition another universe would be one which had no direct physical connection to ours, and hence it wold be impossible to reach it simply by travelling through space.

          • Marshall

            Christopher: That’s just one definition. In general, “universe” means “all.” If you choose to use it your way, that is fine. I prefer to use it to mean all the space/time continua that exist whether we can get to them or not.

  • RUkiddingme

    Every Nebula in space is just another planet that built and tried one of these.

  • In Hell’s Kitchen (NYC)

    Don’t let any Kromaggs come through the portal !

  • haroldhuff

    Kick the Tires and Light the Fires! Lets see what this puppy can do!

  • I really hope they find the multiverse.

  • Bob Loblaw

    And people think climate change is going to wipe us out.

  • Allen Long

    Where’s Waldo

  • Vishal Patel

    El psy congroo…

  • Kyle Crowther

    If only the would spend less time on a black hole and more time on making a sonic screwdriver we might get somewhere XD.

  • Kathleen Carman


    • Goatflap

      Are we playing Jeopardy? If so, My answer is…your parents breeding.

  • ddicorcia

    Maybe the Kardashians will disappear!!!!!!

  • Brandon Anderson

    So if our gravity leaks into there universe. Why can’t theres do the same ,you open a door that has no lock and no peep hole I hope and pray they shut this down, once we open this door way whose to say. We can control it to shut it off smh playing God will get you killed

    • Goatflap

      It’s called science….of which you obviously know very little about.

      • Brandon Anderson

        Smh it’s called curiosity killed the cat,from your statement your as clueless and mind less as the rest

      • Brandon Anderson

        Smh, your the type that thinks we evolved from apes. Science ain’t shit but a guess..

        • Goatflap

          No you idiot, we share a common ancestor with apes…smh. I don’t THINK we evolved from apes at all nor does anyone who has a basic understanding of evolution. I accept the overwhelming evidence that supports the theory of evolution. But, if by some chance you think you can disprove evolution, then feel free to do submit your research for peer review and win yourself a Nobel prize. You ain’t shit but a moron.

  • Cole

    Haven’t these people ever played half life
    or another world??

  • the rein man

    Scientists only want the multiverse to be true because then there would exist a place where geeky boys living in the cellar are sought after by super models.

  • Gregory Clark

    Man is not God and no matter how much we try to disprove Him through our science we may just find His wrath.

    • David Gitz

      Well of course Man created God. And now the LHC may create black holes. Time will tell which of these creations was more useful.

    • Goatflap

      I am not sure where you inferred in this story that it had anything whatsoever to do with god or an attempt to disprove god. Way to be stupid.

  • No

    I wish this article had any sort of descriptive quality to what it reports on – how does the creation of miniature black holes correspond to an alternate universe? What is meant by alternate universe? I had something else, maybe funny? to say, but I forget.

    • No

      Oh! I remember now. I heard somewhere the only reason the Higgs was referred to as the “God Particle” was because it had something of a pet name among some of the first researchers as the god-damn particle, bc it was so god damned hard to find, and the media just cut out the damn part for decency reasons, and now, people think things that are silly.

    • markbuehner

      It stems from a huge mystery of the Standard Model. Why is gravity so much weaker (much much weaker, consider it takes the entire mass of the Earth to hold down a magnet to a tabletop, and only another small magnet to pull it off) than the other forces. The theory is most of the gravity is leaking into other dimensions, which many other theories (string theory particularly) already predicted based on other data.

  • John Bows

    I vote for Ted Cruz to lead the way into this black hole!

  • Might we contemplate that our black hole could destroy the other universe, even if no harm comes to us?

    • Goatflap


  • Simmerthezimmer

    I love how this is a comment section for a truly outstanding experiment that could open new doors in science, yet, everyone would rather talk about politics? What about the possible advancements we’d fine? New diseases? Who know?

  • Allen White

    They don’t have to do this ! All they have to do is talk to ANY repubLIEcon
    in Washington and they will connect to an parallel reality for free.

  • guardianangel42

    Using the lhc to create miniature black holes in an effort to make contact with other dimensions?

    Prepare for unforeseen consequences.

    • xTkAx

      have a crowbar at the ready, k?

  • As long as it doesn’t bring the Chaos gods with it… I think we’re a few millenia away from having Imperial Guardsmen, Space Marines, Sisters of Battle, etc. lol

  • Robert Hillebrand

    Funny, I just saw Event Horizon the other day. Should we really be peeking into places (or dimensions) we know nothing about? Those early LHC tests were already criticized for their danger in creating black holes. Now this is their intention. This type of experiment is bordering on Fringe science and should be handled with care.

    • Goatflap

      How is doing actual science anywhere near fringe science? They are going to complete an actual scientific experiment genius. Now they could be completely wrong but to call it fringe science is just ignorant.

      • Robert Hillebrand

        I was referring to the fact the scientists expect the results of this experiment will differ from common theories and work. I don’t understand why you find it necessary to call me ignorant. I did not attack you. I did not force my ideas down your throat. Try to keep your criticism constructive and not use it as an excuse to put others down. Thank you.

        • Goatflap

          When you base your comment on a movie you saw on a science article it is a statement of ignorance…if you don’t want to be called ignorant don’t say stupid shit on a public forum.

          • Ignoramus

            The only ignorant person on here is you. He just proved your statement wrong (in a much more tasteful way than you can manage) and now you’re just being a desperate troll. Go on, be petty and reply with your insults. The rest of us will move on with more meaningful lives.

      • Ignoramus

        fringe science IS actual science that has not been accepted into the mainstream. There’s only one science!

  • Allen Renfro

    Isn’t this how the Borg discovered Species 8472? I would not advise that we go there. 🙂

    • Robert Hillebrand

      I think they’ll try avoiding the fluid dimension

  • Daniel S. Thompson

    This is AWESOME! What could possibly go wrong?

    • obviously you never watched Land Of The Lost as a kid

  • Otto

    The comments posted have gotten totally away from the subject matter and has become almost exclusively political. How about we get back to the Hadron Collider and the effect of a created black hole on our earth.

  • Glenn Burgoon

    And in this universe a story about physics begets political comments. Yay us.

  • Schuyler S. Dain

    Hopefully it will incapacitate the internet for a little so people who think their views matter will maybe do something with their lives instead of bitch on the internet about completely trivial and irrelevant propaganda. Possibly take up a hobby that doesn’t require a user name and password.

  • Ascherit

    I can imagine large amounts of people trying to imagine what would happen if certain people existed so that results and expansions would turn out differently. Or if characteristics were changed…. What if Hitler was black?

  • Matthew Sutherland

    This is scientific writing, and an interesting topic… please stop using the term “parallel universe’

    Universe encompasses everything we know, as our knowledge grows larger.. so does the definition of the universe…. there can’t be dual,two,multiple’s

    Just a small thing, but I’m not sure why science journalists keep misusing it.

    • Goatflap

      Why not? The Multiverse theory is an actual theory…it is unproven but it is still a theory in which multiple universes exist.

  • Larry James

    So, one of the amazing things that has happened in science, is lost on all of you trolls arguing about politics! Take it somewhere else, it gets old….Maybe the black hole can suck all of you into it…..

  • Jury_of_Morons

    If there is an alterate universe, I say we just probe it.

  • Randy Cali

    At first these comments were quite humorous. But then came the political rantings and things went South rather quickly.

  • Aileen Ortega Pol

    Just remember The Mist.

  • Lemove

    If the LHC created a black hole, it would be too small to do anything, and it would evaporate very quickly too.

  • Lawrence Akiha

    El Psy Congroo

  • broncodano

    the large hadron collider… IT SUCKS.

    (black hole, get it…? lol. )

    GO GET EM LHC. FIRST THE HIGGS, NOW A BLACK HOLE. if it made coffee, id marry it.

  • CompletelySaneNormalHuman

    Hopefully, this new universes government won’t simply be a puppet for the reptilian overlords as ours is now.

  • Hiebert

    No one’s bothered that the comment section of an article on an alternate universe degenerated instantly into a two-dimension political insult exchange?

  • Willy Loman

    Consider this, take it for what it is worth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_-kMVwJaDA Thank you!

  • shaun jones

    first person they meet “hello there, where are you from, how does you civilization function” “oh well, we usually vote for people who we think might be best for the job based on them having enough money to run for the job” “major lols why wouldnt you let the smartest of you people run you like we do” “because were fucking idiots”

  • Jeremy Hicks

    The multiverse theory believer hopes it pans out to the point perhaps in the future of possible communication and even crossing between physically. But ever since watching Fringe, the suggested ramifications of crossing dimensions makes me kind of leery

  • Billy Copeland

    You are all stupid. Neither party cares for any of you. Your vote makes them richer thats all

  • Cubx

    Um, that didn’t work out so well for Dr.McKay on SG:A….

  • patrick

    Resonance Cascade !!!!!!!!!

  • Tomy Kay

    It’s in man’s nature to destroy his nature. When i gaze upon the heavens and see stardust and nebulas, or, am I seeing the remnants of a specie similar to ours who got too smart for their own good.

  • Midgardian

    I don’t know whether to be excited or terrified… or both. I’m going with both.

  • jmundstuk


    • Rodriguez

      I was hooked on that.

  • Tony Cole

    after skipping all comments related to politics I return to science. I’m just wondering how we can see all this stuff but can’t scan the earth to unlock it’s geological and anthropological secrets. including space. all the obsession over substance when I feel like it’s the processes that are important. we focus on substances with no real applicable advancements for the private sector. everything needs to be for the betterment of society but money reigns supreme as troll. political party statements are runner up. stay focused and maybe we’ll get something done.

  • Erwin Ho

    So, in the words of Jeremy Clarkson: we need more POWERrrrrrr

  • Jeff Brewer

    So it is true. Americans CAN make any conversation about themselves. WTF does your upcoming elections have to do with the hadron collider in Cern, Switzerland, a place which, if my geography serves me correctly, is not in your country?

  • Rob Tanner

    The beginning of the end. Let’s all party like it’s 1999.

  • Blabberwocky

    ya know miniature black holes could be a way to create a dimensional rift to use for FTL travel

  • Guest

    we will not get sucked into a black hole I am constantly doing physics calculation to keep the planets from doing that

  • Bob Breckenridge

    we will not get sucked into a black hole I’m constantly doing physics calculations so that won’t happen

    • Rodriguez

      Have you ever made a wrong calculation?

  • Chris

    How exactly do you stop a black hole from growing?

  • Watergate_Mike

    Let’s pass through this portal and start over. That’s what we really need.

  • Internal combustion engines, electric motors, rockets, propellers, rubber tires, etc. If human beings are still using all this old technology that is hundreds of years old, how likely is it that “scientists” know how to make these theoretical “black holes?”
    Humanity is still waiting on Moon bases, Mars colonies, flying cars, jet packs, and their own personal robot servants, which were all promised by these “scientists” back in the 1950s and 1960s but none of it ever happened. The “Space Age” and “Atomic Age” were much touted but never actually occurred. Technological progress has essentially come to a dead end.
    No, don’t to lose any sleep worrying about the highly unlikely event of these “scientists” creating a “black hole,” something that is just a theory and has never actually been proven to really exist.
    These guys always aspire to play God but their problem is they don’t have the wherewithal to accomplish it.
    When you’ve heard promises of a glorious technological utopia for over sixty years and it never comes, you become a pretty hardcore skeptic of all things futuristic.

  • Maxwell James Zuniga

    what if this alternate universe is the one that ended in 2012?? we’d be 3 years too late to save them

  • James Ellette

    I would say it is not likely that we, humans, have the ability to destroy the universe, let alone affect global warming.

  • Mike Wong Ling Shen

    Is this even possible ?

  • Consider all the new marketing opportunities a black hole would open for the likes of Uber, Airbnb and Facebook!

  • Tom L. Wellborn

    Our planet doesn’t have enough mass for a black hole of any consequence to be created. If anything, it’ll be microscopic and only last a trillionth of a second.

    • Rodriguez

      Say who?

  • Lawrence M Robertson

    wow. When I studied astrophysics, a Black Hole was considered Sci Fi.

  • Guest

    CERN should be completely destoyed. What they are doing there is completely insane and extremely dangerous!

  • CERN should be completely destoyed. What they are doing there is completely insane and extremely dangerous!!

  • Greg Thrasher

    So I get sucked into the universe without my permission..Shucks!!

  • Mark Whalley

    Wow,all it took was 8 comments relating to the story before politics joined the party?! Was pretty sure religion would have hopped in long before american political history? Who knew?
    Perhaps religion thought today was sunday? What with clocks going forward in pagan fashion and everything,easy mistake to make!

    Stay on track people! After all if black holes are opened and multiverse theory is realised…….the only real remaining question besides are we alone in the multiverse?…….is likely to be that science explains the creation of man,and God does not exist?
    Only in the hearts and minds of those who believe?

    Its not what might come creeping through the doors in space that should worry us……..its the
    Scientific,theological,political war that will likely follow!

    Theoligical belief vs scientific?? Who wins?
    Begs a very scary question.

    By potentially answering one……could be the ruin of us all?

  • me

    Or they could strap and wire C-4 to their genitals while standing in water, covered in gasoline, pissing on a high powered electric fence, while playing russian roulette with a 50 caliber muzzle loader just to see what happens. Its all in the name of science, right?

  • 42?

  • paxman

    Stephen Hawkins says we’re all gonna die ‘cuz black holes and stuff.

  • Cole Shores

    Half-Life started this way

  • George Renner

    Man I expected a discussion about this article. All I see are a bunch of people jabbing at each other about politics. Lame, really lame.

  • Nigel Cabel

    I’ve seen “The Mist” i already know how this is going to end.

  • Marcus McCaskill

    They are really messing with forces that they don’t understand!

  • twobitcoder

    There should be an IQ test before people are allowed to post comments here.

  • Rod Norman

    This is what happen in Stephen King’s book “The Mist”. I can’t wait to battle inter-dimensional monsters with sharpened sticks.

  • Jerry Comunale

    I thought the discussion was about black holes, the Hadron Collider Accelerator, a parallel universe, and more than four dimensions. How did it devolve to Republicans, the KKK, and Ringo Starr’s drumming talents?

  • Thank you for sharing, I love this kind of reading and I am baffled by the dumb comments folks make. We could be using our intellect to further human creativity and look for answers, or we could just sit around dumbing ourselves down. I know… it’s a parallel universe kind of equation. It’s playing itself out somewhere, maybe in our future-past.

  • CanadianVision

    So, if I have this right, time is not a straight line, and is more like ping pong match with many possible outcomes. And, if this is the case, then infinity looks less like loop or a line without end and operates more like Paddle Ball with a string which has a possibly infinite string. ———— Man, we really know nothing yet. ———

  • Sara Foehner

    fascinating…gives me all kinds of story ideas…

  • Jeff Wickliffe

    Is that a zeppelin I see in the sky?

  • Thomas Wasser

    These God-haters… like Tyson have to go away.

  • Sunn Childe

    How many science fiction movies have started off exactly like THIS? And it never seems to end WELL, does it?

  • hallucigenia

    The cocky-as-shit, pre-adolescent apes have found the matches.

    I’m certain that absolutely nothing could go wrong. Well, maybe everything (meaning EVERYTHING). But, hey, WTF?