New Brain Scan Spots Alzheimer’s 15 Years Before Symptoms Appear

DIGEST: [HuffPo UK, Science Daily, DailyMail] By the time patients are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, most will already have experienced memory loss and motor-skill decline. But now, researchers at University College London (UCL) have perfected a cutting-edge form of PET (positron emission tomography) scanning, called amyloid PET, that allows them to use radioactive tracers in the … Continued

Move Over, Fecal Transplants. Here Come the Worms.

[DIGEST: Science Magazine, ScienceAlert, Science Daily, Mental Floss] If you are one of the 1.4 million Americans who suffer from Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD), there’s some good news and bad news for you. The good news? Promising research has emerged showing a potentially effective treatment for IBD. The bad news? It’s worms. A new study … Continued

A Breakthrough in the Search for a Cure for ALS Could Change Our Understanding of “Genetic” Diseases

[DIGEST: New York Times, Washington Post, Hopkins Medicine] We like to think that disease is simple. Medical researchers and molecular biologists know better, of course, but that rarely filters out into our broader cultural imagination. The popular press is filled with stories about toxins or disease-causing genes because we want simple answers to complicated questions. … Continued



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