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These Doctors Are Refusing to Treat Families Who Won’t Vaccinate

As the anti-vaccination movement continues to grow, physicians are faced with a dilemma. Should ...

New Brain Scan Spots Alzheimer’s 15 Years Before Symptoms Appear

DIGEST: [HuffPo UK, Science Daily, DailyMail] By the time patients are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, ...


To Swaddle or Not to Swaddle: Scientists Dispute What is Safe for Newborns

The study linking SIDS to swaddling highlights the importance of safe sleeping practices.


Move Over, Fecal Transplants. Here Come the Worms.

[DIGEST: Science Magazine, ScienceAlert, Science Daily, Mental Floss] If you are one of the ...


Stem Cell Therapy Wasn’t Working on Heart Disease—Until Now.

A new stem cell treatment may help heart tissue regenerate after heart attacks.


Are Our Bodies Destroying our Minds?

Scientists find a link between rogue immune cells and neurological disease.

Second Nexus

Listen to Your Gut: Gluten Sensitivity May Not Be in Your Head After All

New research suggests that those with undiagnosed gluten sensitivities have higher levels of an ...