Canadian Health Experts Warn Against Coffee Enema Sold by Gwyneth Paltrow’s ‘Goop’

Canadian doctors frown on Goop’s DIY coffee enema kit.

Canada is not buying what Gwyneth Paltrow is selling.

At least, not when it’s a $135 do-it-yourself coffee enema kit, which the American actress’s lifestyle company, Goop, began touting in early January as a way to “supercharge your detox.”


But now some health experts from Canada are warning consumers against using such a product.

“You could do damage to your bowel,” points out Tim Caulfield, a health law expert at the University of Alberta. “I think this is absolutely absurd, potentially dangerous, and there’s no way the consumer should be using this product.”

The kit in question, manufactured by “Implant O’ Rama” and consisting of a glass jug with attached silicone tubing, is not yet available for sale in Canada, but Goop supposedly has plans to soon make it available to our northern neighbors.

Supplement makers are not required to test their products in the U.S.; however, natural health products legally sold in Canada must be licensed contingent on approval for safety, effectiveness and quality. Unfortunately for Gwyneth, according to experts, the jury’s still out on whether a kit to spray coffee up one’s keister would pass muster.

“Coffee enemas and colonics offer no health benefit. The biology used to support these therapies is unsound and there can be very real complications,” Canadian-born, San Francisco-based gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Gunter wrote in a widely quoted early-January blog post. “Keep the coffee out of your rectum and in your cup. It is only meant to access your colon from the top.”

Using brewed coffee mixed with water in enemas or colonics has been gaining popularity for years in alternative-health circles. The general premise is that coffee will be absorbed by the colon and then stimulate the liver to clear toxins. According to a paper linked to on the Implant O’Rama website, “it is believed that during rectal caffeine infusion, such as a coffee enema, caffeine travels via the hemorrhoidal vein and the portal system to the liver, causes the bile ducts to open and allows the liver to release bile, which is bound to toxins filtered from the bloodstream.”

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