Genetic Superheroes May Hold The Key To Fighting Disease

Genome study reveals ‘genetic superheroes’ who somehow escaped deadly diseases encoded in their DNA.

participant engagement into the structure of their research,” says bioethicist Michelle Meyer.

Finding genetic superheroes will require other kinds of heroism – a willingness of participants to donate their genomic and clinical data and a commitment by researchers and regulators to overcome the daunting obstacles to data sharing on a global scale,” says Massachusetts General Hospital doctor Daniel MacArthur.

The Resilience Project is expanding its search for people with resilient genes, and it is enlisting the help of the public.

We hope to get tens of millions of people,” says Resilience Project collaborator Eric Schadt. “We think we have to be in the 1- to 10-million-person range to have a good shot to identify enough people across the different diseases to be effective at decoding and uncovering the reasons for their protection.”

If you want to be a part of this groundbreaking study, you can sign up on the Resilience Project website to be notified about volunteer opportunities.

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