Eyewitness Live Video Captures Chaos, Terror of Dallas Shootings

[DIGEST: CBS, Associated Press]

Two fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota sparked protests around the country this week. All of these protests were peaceful demonstrations, except for Dallas where things quickly turned violent after shots rang out.

Those present immediately took to Facebook and Twitter to record the events. Videos and live streams of police brutality against blacks have become more commonplace as technology has enabled everyone with a phone to capture events live. The films often become key pieces of evidence in subsequent trials. In this case, they may become crucial to reconstructing the shootings in events in Dallas. Demonstrators began sharing images and videos around 9 PM CT.

A video posted at 9:02 shows a peaceful protest turned deadly in a matter of seconds.

An hour later, a woman posted a video taken of the downtown Dallas area. Shots can be heard as she and others from their vantage point watch law enforcement hurry toward the scene. A man at the scene reports in a Facebook live video as officers take cover to avoid gunfire.

Social media is proving an important tool for law enforcement. Soon after the shootings, the Dallas Police Department went on  social media to try to identify a suspect, tweeting images and information to the public.

Officials believe the police officers were the victims of snipers. Three suspects are currently in custody. A fourth suspect exchanged gunfire with authorities in a parking garage until early morning. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings confirmed the fourth suspect had died early Friday. “We don’t exactly know the last moments of his death but explosives did blast him out,” Rawlings said. None of the suspects have been identified. Authorities said it looked like the gunmen planned the attack in advance, but the motivation behind the violence is still unclear. The attack marked the deadliest day for law enforcement since September 11, 2001.

The shooting began around 8:45 Thursday as hundreds of protesters gathered. Witnesses described a chaotic scene. “I saw all the cops were bending over. There had to have been five or six cops,

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