Apollo 10 Astronauts Heard “Eerie Music” on the Dark Side of the Moon, and It Wasn’t Pink Floyd

Astronauts heard “eerie music” on the far side of the moon. Was this an otherworldly mystery, or was there a simple explanation for the sound?

[DIGEST: The Huffington Post, CNN]

It was May 1969, and U.S. astronauts were closer than ever before to the surface of the moon. The Apollo 10 lunar module, manned by Commander Thomas Stafford and pilot Eugene Cernan, was descending to less than 47,000 feet above the moon before completing a rendezvous with the command module, piloted by John Young. The astronauts were preparing for the giant leap for mankind that would take place two months later.

Apollo 10
L to R: Cernan, Stafford, Young. Credit: Source.

Their conversation topic of choice? An ongoing, unidentified noise they described as “eerie music.”

“That music even sounds outer-spacey, doesn’t it? You hear that? That whistling sound?” Cernan said, according to the Apollo 10 transcript, which NASA initially marked as confidential.

“Yes,” said Stafford, the commander.

“Whoooooo,” Cernan said, imitating the sound.

Segments of the audio recording of the astronauts’ conversation aired last month in an episode of the Science Channel series NASA’s Unexplained Files. The show hinted at a cover-up involving “lost” recordings

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