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The Deathstalker Scorpion’s Venom Is The Most Expensive Liquid On The Planet—Here’s Why

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The venom from the deathstalker scorpion is now thought to be a treatment for brain cancer. Photographed at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County on Wednesday, August 23, 2006. (Photo by Stephen Osman/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

While a sting from the Deathstalker isn’t usually lethal, the pain one sting imposes is visceral.

Steve Trim, the founder of Venomtech, elaborated on this:

“I’d easily put it being a hundred times more painful than a bee sting, but because pain is a subjective and emotional experience, it’s difficult to really get a quantification on that. But it’s definitely gonna ruin your day.”

Nevertheless, the scorpion has been mystifying people for years.


Though its sting certainly isn’t enviable, this little critter may just lead to some stunning breakthroughs in medicine.

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