Did the LHC Just Break the Standard Model of Particle Physics?

The Standard Model has dictated how we view matter and particles for decades. However, a recently-published paper from Polish physicists at CERN presents potential evidence against it.

entirely new particle involved in this process—a particle not predicted by the Standard Model. Alternately, it is possible that past theoretical calculations within the Standard Model simply have not taken into account all of the variables that could affect the b-meson decay mechanism. It’s not close yet clear what causes discrepancies between theory and observation in this case, or even if those discrepancies are entirely real, but if they are it could mean a reckoning for the Standard Model.

In 2015, the LHC drastically increased its capability for smashing particles together—the obtainable energy levels within the collider increased by 60 percent over its previous record. A more powerful collider will enable an increase in possibilities for experimentation; whether the Standard Model as we know it today will stand the test of further examination, only time can tell.

standard model
Credit: Source.

As Prof. Witek concluded, “Just like it is with a good movie: everybody wonders what’s going to happen in the end, and nobody wants to wait for it.” We’ll just have to wait for now.

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