America’s Highest Paid Female CEO is Transgender, but That’s the Least Interesting Fact about Her

Bina48 is only the first of the potentially limitless iterations of her exterior form. What remains to be seen is how Bina48, like her creator, will realize her potential, cross the Uncanny Valley and perhaps forever change the face humanity. It is Rothblatt’s vision that we will all one day work alongside our mind clones. Forget Siri, you’ll be your own operating system. Already today we can upload our Mind Files in the hope of someday creating our own Mind Clone, once the technology becomes more widely available. More than 32,000 people have already backed themselves up to this “cloud.”


So what are you waiting for? Mindfile Accounts are free via, so begin creating your own Mindfile here. According to their website, “[t]he Terasem Foundation invites anyone over the age of 13 to participate.” It’s also possible to create a Multi-User Mindfile, collaborating with friends and family, to generate a robust and diverse co-consciousness.

Rothblatt understands that our mind clones may one day outlast our physical bodies, calling into question many deeply held religious tenets. This may be why Rothblatt has not only founded companies but her own religion: Terasem, something TIME has called “Rapture of the Nerds.” The Terasem religion allows for God and technology to co-exist, a “transreligion” that doesn’t require abandoning your previous faith. Rothblatt told TIME, “Bina and I were inspired to find a way for people to believe in God consistent with science and technology so people would have faith in the future.” Though some have dismissed Terasem as a cult, if Rothblatt’s near-prophetic vision of technology is any indication, the promise of digital immortality lies just around the corner. In the near future, we all may soon face questions of the limits of mind and body–questions Rothblatt already faced and dealt with for much of her own life.

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