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Former McCain Campaign Official Goes Off on Sarah Palin After She Tried to Come for Him for Supporting Biden

Former McCain Campaign Official Goes Off on Sarah Palin After She Tried to Come for Him for Supporting Biden
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images // MSNBC

2008 Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin has had an interesting career since the late Arizona Republican Senator John McCain's presidential campaign thrust her into the national spotlight.

The former Governor of Alaska was one of President Donald Trump's earliest endorsers and went viral last year for a bizarre appearance as the Bear in reality television's The Masked Singer.

Those who worked for her during McCain's campaign have also seen an unforeseeable evolution.

Steve Schmidt, a senior campaign strategist for McCain, played a crucial role in selecting Palin as the running mate and worked closely with her on media presentation and overall messaging.

Schmidt has since denounced his former Republican party and gone on to help found the Lincoln Project, a political action committee of anti-Trump Republicans.

Nicolle Wallace, another McCain campaign official who worked closely with Palin, has gone on to denounce Trump and doesn't mince words in criticizing him on her MSNBC show, Deadline.

Palin addressed their criticism in a recent interview with far-right Fox News host Tucker Carlson.

Watch below.

Palin said:

"[Schmidt]'s a piece of work. So is Nicolle Wallace and these other yahoos who were actually running the McCain/Palin campaign...A couple of them didn't even vote for the ticket. They jumped ship early in terms of their actual enthusiasm for Republicans being elected that year in '08...To think that they were the ones rolling out, for instance, my candidacy and setting up the interviews—there was a lot of sabotage going on there."

She went on to call them "wolves in sheep's clothing."

Trump soon echoed Palin's message, reviving some of his criticisms of Senator McCain.

It wasn't long before Schmidt responded.

Schmidt jokingly pointed out that—even once Palin was rid of him and Wallace—her career didn't exactly flourish.

Others played along.

Others commended Schmidt and Wallace.

Wallace's and Schmidt's relationship with Palin during the 2008 campaign was dramatized for the HBO film Game Change.