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Rudy Mocked for Bonkers Rant About 'USB Ports' Being Passed Around Like 'Vials of Heroin or Cocaine' During GA Election Conspiracy Hearing


Days after news broke that he'd contracted the virus which has killed nearly 300 thousand Americans, President Donald Trump's lawyer—Rudy Giuliani—embarked on yet another diatribe falsely asserting that widespread voter fraud coordinated by Democrats tipped the 2020 election to President-elect Joe Biden.

Giuliani delivered the remarks at a hearing for the Georgia House of Representatives. The state, which went blue for the first time since 1992 this year, has been a major target of the Trump sphere's disinformation campaign, with the President frequently decrying the state's Republican officials for not overturning the results of its election, which were certified for a second time on Monday.

In a bonkers rant, Giuliani attempted to stoke fear of "USB ports" being passed around like illicit drugs. Giuliani, whom Trump once appointed as Cybersecurity Czar, likely meant to say USB drives, as USB ports are a part of a computer and can't be passed around.

Watch below.

Giuliani said officials were:

"Quite obviously, surreptitiously passing around USB ports as if they're vials of heroin or cocaine. It's obvious to anyone who's a criminal investigator or prosecutor, they're engaged in surreptitious, illegal activity again that day."

In a portion of the video not included in this article, Giuliani named multiple Black election officials in Fulton County, GA whom he believed looked suspicious in the way they handled USB drives.

Giuliani's delusional claims come just weeks after Georgia's election systems implementation manager, Gabriel Sterling, admonished Trump and Giuliani for similar claims which led to threats of violence and murder against a 20 year old election official after Trump supporters falsely suspected him of manipulating a USB drive.

These supporters left a noose outside of the official's home.

Giuliani's claims were roundly rebuked across Twitter.

Giuliani once again revealed his lack of technological acumen.

Despite Giuliani's best efforts, President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be inaugurated on January 20th.