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Piers Morgan Had to Apologize to Viewers After Rudy Giuliani Dropped an F-Bomb During Unhinged Live Morning Show Interview

Good Morning Britain

President Donald Trump's personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, may not be as visible now as he was during the Russia investigation and the impeachment proceedings against his boss, but that doesn't mean he's completely out of sight.

In fact, the artist formerly known as America's Mayor is making waves again, but for all the wrong reasons.

Giuliani appeared on UK television to defend the President's tweets responding to protests against the murder of George Floyd by police. Trump, attempting to write off all the protestors as looters, tweeted "When the looting starts, the shooting starts." T

he statement—which originated with a 1960s quote from racist Miami police chief Walter Headley—was seen by many as a veiled instruction to open fire on his own citizens.

Giuliani's defense fell in line with the official White House spin: The President only meant that if people begin looting, violence is inevitable.

That's when Rudy and Good Morning Britain cohost Piers Morgan began divulging personal attacks.

Watch below.

Piers said:

"You sound completely barking mad, do you know that? You've lost the plot and it's sad to see."

Rudy, in Trumpian fashion, went for Morgan's ratings:

"You're the one who got thrown off of television here, cause you had ratings that were about two, so don't tell me I've lost anything...I know what happened to your show, Pierce, and I remember the mistakes you made and I remember how you f***ed up, so don't give me that stuff. I know who you are."

Morgan responded:

"We'd like to apologize for the language you just heard."

He turned his sights back on Rudy:

"When I used to interview you, you were an intelligent, reasonable man, and you've gone completely mad and you sound deranged. You're abusive. It's really sad to see what happened to you."

The bickering continued back and forth, with Rudy calling Piers a "failed journalist" and failing to recall that he used profanity.

The interview left people...astounded.

People were surprised to find themselves taking Piers Morgan's side.

Piers may not be well-liked, but this interview certainly did him more favors than it did Rudy.