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Rudy Giuliani Manically Texted Reporter Overnight With Bonkers Theory for Why Democrats Don't Want Him to Testify in Senate Trial

As calls continue to grow for former National Security Advisor John Bolton to testify before the Senate in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, Trump's personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani is feeling left out.

Demands for Bolton's testimony skyrocketed among the public after allegations in his upcoming memoir that Trump sought to withhold Ukrainian aid as late as September to secure foreign investigations into Trump's political rivals.

Bolton's allegations strike to the very heart of the Trump impeachment case: whether or not Trump withheld aid on the basis of political investigations.

Nevertheless, Giuliani is flummoxed as to why Democrats want to hear from Bolton and not him, according to Chris Sommerfeldt of The Daily News.

Giuliani has a theory for why Democrats haven't requested his presence, as he told Sommerfeldt in a text message:

"They have indicated in every way possible they are afraid of my physical presence. They know I know what they are covering up."

During the House impeachment inquiry against Donald Trump late last year, Democrats subpoenaed Giuliani for documents regarding his correspondence with Trump and Ukrainian officials, but he didn't comply, citing attorney-client privilege.

His latest claim that Democrats were afraid of his "physical presence" didn't get the reaction he was going for.

Some Americans welcome Giuliani's testimony, which they expect he'd bungle as badly as his previous television appearances.

It's yet to be determined if witnesses will appear before the Senate at all, but testimony from Rudy would certainly prove interesting.

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