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'Roseanne': Will There be a Halloween Episode?

The return of the 90’s sitcom hit Roseanne may have been received by a split audience, but that didn’t stop the one-hour premiere from drawing the attention of 25 million viewers. Setting a record for the biggest delayed viewing boost of 6.6 million people, the series’ return was met with accolades for its ability to remain true to what made the 90’s iteration so popular. With that praise in mind, it was inevitable, then, that fans would start to wonder if they would get one of the Conner’s staple Halloween episodes.

As the premiere of the revival was on March 27 and is only slated for an eight-episode run, which brings the season finale into May, the chances of a Halloween episode were highly unlikely. Luckily for those that loved Roseanne’s acclaimed holiday specials, the series was already approved for a second season. According to an excited Roseanne Barr, that opens up the possibility for the Conner family to once again show off who is the TV king and queen of Halloween.

Though the series has proven that its primary focus will be tackling modern social and political issues like gender identity and the nation’s current divide over President Trump, it still makes room for the humor the original show was known for. Dan Conner (John Goodman), resurrected from the season nine series finale that killed him off, sticks to his old-fashioned ideals while Roseanne (Roseanne Barr) continues to fill the role of the loud-mouthed, stubborn matriarch that serves as the unlikely glue for the Conner family. Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, and Michael Fishman return as the dysfunctional Conner children, with Fishman’s D.J. seemingly being the most put together of them.

Unlike many sitcoms, Roseanne’s Halloween episodes didn’t often veer away from progressing character storylines. The show continued as normal, just with a backdrop of spooky ghouls, makeshift haunted mazes, and the Conner family’s staple trickery.

The second season of Roseanne doesn’t have a projected release date, though it’s possible they’ll rush production for October 2018.