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The Biden Campaign Tricked Roger Stone into Recording a Good Luck Video for Biden—and He Even Gave Him Insult Tips

The Biden Campaign Tricked Roger Stone into Recording a Good Luck Video for Biden—and He Even Gave Him Insult Tips
@Rob_Flaherty/Twitter // Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The final debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden aired on Thursday night, and was thankfully more civilized than the chaotic first debate, largely thanks to mutable microphones and the focus of debate moderator Kristen Welker.

Ahead of the debate, Biden got a good luck message from someone no one would've guessed: Roger Stone.

Stone is a far-right provocateur and former advisor to Trump during the 2016 campaign. There's evidence that Stone collaborated with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange to disseminate emails from then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign, which were illegally obtained by Russia.

In 2019, Stone was arrested, charged, and convicted on seven counts, including lying to investigative officials and witness tampering.

Though Stone was sentenced to 40 months in prison, the sentence was commuted by Trump.

Now considered a hero of the right wing and the far-right militia group Proud Boys, Stone sells personalized videos on Cameo. For $75, the convicted felon will record a birthday wish, a message of congratulations, or a pep talk.

Hours ahead of the debate, digital director for the Biden campaign—Rob Flaherty—revealed the campaign had paid the $75 fee to get Stone—a Trump devotee—to inadvertently wish Biden luck.

Watch below.

Stone says in the bizarre video:

"So I understand, Joey, that there are a lot of people out talking sh*t about you. The only way to combat that of course is to talk sh*t about them. What I like to say is when I wipe my derriere after I defecate, what is left on the TP is more intelligent and has more integrity than, say, Ari Melber of MSNBC. This is a stunning insult and I invite you to use it on anyone who deserves it. Good luck to you, Joey."

People were cackling at the unexpected message.

The well wishes might've worked. Though Trump is eagerly screenshotting every Twitter poll that says he won Thursday's debate, at least five reliable polls show viewers largely thought Biden won.

People tended to agree.

The biggest contest, however, is on November 3rd.