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'No One Is Alone': Theatre Goers Sound Off About Whether Or Not They Think It's Okay To See Shows By Themselves

Don Arnold/WireImage

The theatre is a communal event. An audience experiences a production together. However, to many, it's a social event as well. The theatre community is small and, often, one doesn't need six degrees of separation to make a connection.

But does that mean it's frowned upon to see a show by yourself? That's the question one Reddit user had.

Lucky for them, the answer was a resounding yes. Eponine may have lamented being on her own, but that doesn't mean an audience member has to.

In fact, some insisted that watching a show alone is often better than going with a friend or a group.

So take the leap! The theatre is for everyone and, while company may be appreciated, a solo experience can be just as rewarding as an ensemble piece.