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Trump Press Secretary's Old Tweet Disrespecting Obama Re-Emerges After She Insists a Reporter Call Trump 'President'

Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Former White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham left her post at the White House earlier this month, after which she was replaced by President Donald Trump's 2020 campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany—a devout spokeswoman for Trump since his 2016 campaign.

Like most of Trump's press secretaries, Kayleigh McEnany is gifted at spinning even the most damning developments in the Trump-osphere into what his supporters will believe is a win. Her willingness to lie helps in this regard.

McEnany's eagerness to heap praise upon the President is undoubtedly a good quality to have in the Trump White House, and it's a quality she she put on full display in a recent tweet to ABC reporter Katherine Faulders.

Faulders reported on an inconsistency regarding Trump's assertion that Maryland's Republican Governor Larry Hogan didn't mention a need for supplies to combat the virus before going through South Korean channels to receive medical equipment.

To McEnany, it wasn't the inconsistency that needed to be addressed, but that Faulders referred to the President as "Trump."

McEnany's respect for the office rang hollow, however, when her own tweet referring to President Barack Obama as simply "Obama" resurfaced.

What's more, it's perfectly acceptable to refer to a President by his or her last name. This is done by entities everywhere from newspapers to presidential campaigns themselves.

McEnany should probably be more concerned with her racist tweet about the former President, which she hasn't deleted and for which she hasn't (and likely won't) apologize.

People didn't hesitate to call out her hypocrisy.

But as long as we're getting technical about titles...

Go home, Kayleigh.

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