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Republican Congressman Uses the Perfect Hashtag to Rip Trump's Baseless Election Claims

Erin Schaff - Pool/Getty Images // Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

It's been weeks since President-elect Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election, defeating incumbent President Donald Trump with 306 electoral votes and over six million ballots in the popular vote.

But Trump is still refusing to accept these results, falsely insisting to his supporters that widespread voter fraud tipped the race to Biden, despite his own officials assuring that 2020's election was the "most secure in American history."

With Trump's legal team pursuing multiple lawsuits across numerous swing states (losing 35 of them so far) and the President tweeting dozens of lies about election fraud each day, concerns are growing that Trump's efforts will only succeed in eroding public faith in the democracy that's defined the United States since its inception.

Most Republican lawmakers are sticking with the President, but some—like Congressman Paul Mitchell (R-MI)—are urging the President to give it up.

Mitchell tweeted to the President to "drop these arguments."

Mitchell, whose home state the Trump campaign targeted in its efforts to overturn the election results, was responding to baseless claims by Trump that the election was "Rigged."

He included the hashtag #StopTheStupid, a play on the Trump campaign's mantra "Stop the Steal."

The hashtag soon caught on.

Twitter users commended Mitchell for being one of the few Republicans not to grant legitimacy to Trump's bogus accusations.

Despite Trump's complaints, President-elect Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris will be inaugurated on January 20th.