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GOP State Rep Posts Bonkers Tweet Claiming CRT Made Her 'Black Friend' Turn 'Hostile and Unpleasant'

GOP State Rep Posts Bonkers Tweet Claiming CRT Made Her 'Black Friend' Turn 'Hostile and Unpleasant'
NBC 10 News

Republicans at every level of politics and media have condemned critical race theory—an advanced academic framework examining the effects of 400+ years of slavery and segregation on current U.S. social and governmental institutions—is damaging to society.

They've falsely claimed that the theory is taught widely in secondary schools and that it teaches white children to hate themselves. Republican elected officials have pounced on this mass delusion, with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposing the "Stop W.O.K.E. Act" and Tennessee schools mulling fines of a million dollars to districts where critical race theory is supposedly taught.

The Republican minority leader of the Rhode Island House of Representatives—Patricia Morgan—is yet another Republican lawmaker promoting critical race theory hysteria.

Earlier this year, Morgan proposed a bill to ban the teaching of "divisive concepts" in Rhode Island schools, further peddling the delusion that critical race theory teaches that white people are "bad."

On Tuesday, Morgan invoked "a Black friend" who supposedly turned "hostile and unpleasant" to her—something Morgan suggested occurred not because Morgan did anything wrong, but because of tenets she believes are taught in critical race theory.

Morgan went on to claim that critical race theory teaches Americans to "divide us because of our skin color," rather than approaching current dynamics with the basic knowledge that history impacts the present.

Morgan's anecdote was roundly decried on social media.

People were skeptical that Morgan "didn't do anything," as she claimed.

Morgan's Black friend could not be reached for comment.