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Donald Trump Is The Punishment The Right Wing Media Deserves



Donald Trump is what happens when your right wing, crazy Fox News-watching conspiracy theory-believing uncle becomes President.

Trump rose to political prominence spewing the Fox News and talk radio party line about Obama. Whether birtherism, Benghazi, false flags or premature predictions of Obamacare’s demise, Trump dutifully delivered all the grievances the right wing media have trafficked in for ratings during the last eight years.

Now as president, he is the ultimate personification of those grievances, as well as proof that they, like him, are hollow at their core.

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Interesting, wasn’t it, that the House Select Committee on Benghazi quietly shut down a month after Hillary lost the election? And notice how Obamacare approval went from negative to positive just as President Obama was leaving office? Those grievances lost their power and their purpose once the villains in the stories the right wing was telling had been vanquished.

What the right wing didn’t count on, however, is that the storytellers would lose their power as well. Without the manufactured villainy of Obama and Clinton, the right wing media finds itself in shambles.

There’s right wing it-girl Tomi Lahren who sued Glenn Beck and The Blaze for supposedly firing her after she came out as pro-choice. They are currently suing her right back.

Then there’s conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones who was in an epic custody battle in

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