Burned Alive: Can the U.S. Continue to Justify Lethal Injection?

For most Americans, the phrase “death penalty” conjures images of an orange-clad inmate strapped to a metal gurney, his last shallow breaths behind glass in a sterile room. Others with longer memories might see the grim outline of an electric chair or a hooded figure edging toward the hangman’s noose. But Salem Witch Trial-style stake … Continued

African Americans Swapped Diets with South Africans in a Unique Cancer Study–But Will The Findings Change Any Habits?

A Pittsburgh University team recently conducted a study in an attempt to lower the risk of cancer by observing various eating habits. The focus was particularly on African Americans, given that population’s historically high rates of obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes. (The article notes that heart disease, cancer, stroke, and diabetes are among the top … Continued

Environmentalism’s Dirty Secret

“Conservation will never work. Recycling will never work. None of the stuff we’re talking about will ever work, because we are too afraid to talk about the thing that matters.” This was the candid assessment, conveyed privately to me over dinner, by a biochemistry research scientist (who prefers his name not be mentioned). He has … Continued

How To Say ‘Yes’ (By Not Saying ‘Yes’)

When was the last time you said “yes”? Not in the figurative way—consenting to a request, acknowledging something delightful, embracing a generally optimistic outlook toward the world—but in the extremely specific way? When was the last time you reacted to something not with a “yeah,” or an “mm-hmm,” or an “oooooh,” or a “definitely,” but … Continued

Is 10% Of The Population Really Gay?

Drawing on the widest survey of sexual behavior since the Kinsey Report, David Spiegelhalter, in his book Sex by Numbers, answers key questions about our private lives. Here he reveals how Kinsey’s contested claim that 10% of us are gay is actually close to the mark. For a single statistic to be the primary propaganda … Continued

Stanford Tuition Will Now Be Free To All Students From Families That Earn Less Than $125,000 Per Year

Last week, Stanford University announced that more accepted students won’t have to pay anything for tuition, which normally runs nearly $46,000 a year. Students whose families make less than $125,000 a year and have assets worth $300,000 or less, including home equity but excluding anything that they have saved in retirement accounts, won’t have to … Continued

Where Do You Stand on Gender Roles?

Originally published on TMPinSYR. Over the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve written about my youngest son, the Goon, and his perspective on the world. His preferences and choices tend to challenge some gender roles. As his father, there have been moments that were heartbreaking along the way. Our journey watching his unique choices began when, … Continued



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