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Dramatic PSA Using Ping Pong Balls and Mousetraps to Explain the Importance of Social Distancing Just Went Viral and We See Why

Dramatic PSA Using Ping Pong Balls and Mousetraps to Explain the Importance of Social Distancing Just Went Viral and We See Why

Tensions are high with the fear associated with the global pandemic.

Anger and even violence over those who fail to practice social distancing has erupted.

People are asking why others are ignoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s guidance and the numbers associated with the spread of the viral pathogen.

But not everyone can translate the numbers, charts and graphs into something tangible. Humans are a diverse species and people learn and translate information differently.

So the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) shared something that would reach the most people. An estimated 65% of people are characterized as visual learners who can process and retain lessons conveyed in video information, even if the concept is abstract far easier than audio or written specifics.

ODH's method of teaching about the importance of social distancing employed ping pong balls and mouse traps.

The visuals are simple.

But the message is clear.

Some noted that the failure to practice good health habits would increase the rates of infection and duration of the pandemic... which some arm chair experts were willing to chime in and demonstrate why health measures fail.

Despite the claims of these Twitter health experts, the CDC reports Ohio is considered a hotspot for the virus.

The global pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization on January 30, 2020. At the time, there were only five confirmed cases in the United States.

The White House and some Republican congressional leaders downplayed the threat and urged people to live life as they normally would. Some GOP leaders—like Representative Devin Nunes—were still telling the public to go to bars and restaurants in mid March.

As of the time of this writing on Friday, April 10, total confirmed cases of the virus in the United States sits at 490,008. Total deaths are 18,011. By Monday, the infected will most definitely surpass half a million and deaths will eclipse 20,000.

States that took aggressive measures early are showing a flattened curve. States that took the wait and see approach continue to shoot upward exponentially.

Stay at home orders and social distancing only works when people adhere to the guidance and listen to the experts instead of conspiracy theorists and those ignorant of science and medicine.

In a pandemic, ignorance kills.

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