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GOP Campaign Committee Tried to Slam Right-Wing Pundit as 'Karen' After Text Criticism and It Did Not Go Well

Spencer Platt/Getty Images // @KurtSchlichter/Twitter

The term "Karen"—a descriptor for a (typically White) woman expressing entitlement or difficulty beyond the scope of what is appropriate—has skyrocketed in popularity after viral videos of "Karens" refusing to wear masks, demanding to speak to the manager, or yelling at strangers have hit the internet.

Some factions of the Republican party, however, have come to erroneously view the word as an ethnic slur towards White women.

The National Republican Congressional Committee was apparently not aware of that when it responded to Kurt Schlichter—a supporter of President Donald Trump's who'd grown annoyed at the committee's texts for donations.

They attempted to clap back at him, invoking "Karen" to do so.

Far-Right Fox News host Tucker Carlson—who has previously called the Iraqi people "semiliterate, primitive monkeys"—accused the Committee of using "ethnic slurs."

Other Republicans quickly followed suit.

The Trump campaign and arms of the Republican National Committee have recently faced criticisms from members of their own party for incessant text messages to supporters asking for money in a manner that many find patronizing and guilting.

Critics of Trump weren't mad to see the infighting among the party, especially over the word "Karen."

The NRCC has not responded to criticisms of the word "Karen."