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Nikki Haley Mocked after Trump Slams Her for Flip-Flopping on Comments about Him

Nikki Haley Mocked after Trump Slams Her for Flip-Flopping on Comments about Him

The 2024 presidential election is years away, but a number of Republican lawmakers are already preparing for a potential bid to make Joe Biden a one-term President.

But the most relevant question to the eventual Republican primary remains unanswered: Will Donald Trump, the party's near-unanimously adored figurehead, run for reelection?

The former President is the undisputed favorite to win the nomination due to the unyielding loyalty of his supporters and of heavy-hitters within the Republican party. If he chooses not to run, his endorsement could be a decisive factor of the race. Yet potential candidates are still treading lightly in order not to position themselves against Trump and be labeled a RINO.

One person walking this tightrope is Trump's former United Nations Ambassador, Nikki Haley, but judging by Trump's recent comments for a Vanity Fair piece about the Republican primary landscape, she shouldn't hold her breath for Trump's endorsement.

Trump said of Haley:

"Well, every time she criticizes me, she uncriticizes [sic] me about 15 minutes later."

This is one of the rare instances that Trump is telling the truth.

Throughout the 2016 primaries, Haley repeatedly slammed Trump on the campaign trail. Then, after being appointed to her ambassadorship, she constantly praised him. This praise continued after her eventual resignation.

After Trump's lies incited a mob of pro-Trump extremists to storm the U.S. Capitol, Haley told a group of Republicans:

"He was badly wrong with his words yesterday. And it wasn't just his words. His actions since Election Day will be judged harshly by history"

A little more than a month later, Haley was much less emphatic in her criticism:

"The actions of the President post-Election Day were not great. What happened on January 6 was not great. Does he deserve to be impeached? Absolutely not. ... I mean at some point I mean give the man a break. I mean move on."

Haley has also said that she won't run for President if Trump throws his hat in the ring.

People found themselves agreeing with Trump's assessment.

People almost felt sorry for her.

Trump almost certainly won't announce his decision until after the midterms.