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Zach Braff Just Destroyed Bill O'Reilly With a Savage 5 Word Tweet After O'Reilly Claimed the New Shutdown Deal Is 'Advantage Trump'

Nailed it.

After President Donald Trump declared an end to the longest government shutdown in American history Friday afternoon, former Fox News host Bill O'Reilly showered praise onto the president. It did not go well.

Trump agreed to sign a continuing resolution opening the federal government until February 15, giving Congress 21 days to pass legislation for his desired border wall or "barrier." If a deal to the president's liking is not presented, Trump threatened another partial shutdown and possibly even declaring a state of national emergency.

"Political chess game continues," O'Reilly wrote on Twitter. "President Trump reopens government - a good thing. Gives Dems three weeks to make a border security deal. Reasonable. Advantage Trump today."

"Advantage Trump?" Really?

Within minutes, Zach Braff torpedoed O'Reilly's take.

"Band still playing," Braff tweeted. "Advantage Titanic."


Pelosi outmaneuvered Trump, bigly.

This is the worst-played game of chess, ever. Trump is still no closer to getting a border wall.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has maintained that Democrats will not approve any funding for a wall, though negotiations over "border security" will continue. Nevertheless, Trump vowed to keep up the fight for his wall, futile as it may be.

Cue Twitter mockery.

The 35-day shutdown accomplished nothing except inflicting pain onto hundreds of thousands of government employees, and voters overwhelmingly blame Trump for the chaos in Washington.

*Slow clap.*