READ: Freedom House Releases ‘Freedom in the World’ Report, Says Donald Trump Has ‘Assailed Essential Institutions and Traditions’


“Nobody has ever done so much in the first two years of a presidency as this administration,” Donald Trump said at a Mississippi rally last year. Now we know that’s true, but probably not in the way that he imagined. A report by Freedom House—a government funded democracy research organization—says “no president in living memory has shown less respect for its tenets, norms, and principles.”

Trump has assailed essential institutions and traditions, including the separation of powers, a free press, an independent judiciary, the impartial delivery of justice, safeguards against corruption and most disturbingly, the legitimacy of elections.

The annual Freedom In The World report has called Trump out for, among other things, assailing the word of law, demonizing the press, and threatening American ideals abroad.

“There remains little question that President Trump exerts an influence on American politics that is straining our core values and testing the stability of our constitutional system,” writes Freedom House president Mike Abramowitz.

People weren’t exactly surprised.

Freedom and democracy around the world are in decline, says the report. “Just as we have called out foreign leaders for undermining democratic norms in their countries,” Abramowitz says, “we must draw attention to the same sorts of warning signs in our own country.”

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