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The White House Is Now Using Its Official Twitter Account to Go After Democrats Who Want to Abolish ICE

Official government communications.

The White House Is Now Using Its Official Twitter Account to Go After Democrats Who Want to Abolish ICE
U.S. President Donald Trump in the Cabinet Room at the White House June 26, 2018 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Al Drago-Pool/Getty Images)

Since President Donald Trump took office, people acclimated to having the head of the United States government lash out and call people sometimes racist names and making thinly veiled threats on social media via his official Twitter account.

But now, a building is getting in on the act.

The official White House Twitter account is an extension of the president. As each president's term has ended, the tweets from their tenure are archived and the official White House Twitter account becomes the sole purview of the current administration.

And now with the Trump administration in charge, in an unprecedented move, the White House is openly attacking members of congress. The official government Twitter account's first targets?

Two women.

Democratic Senators Kamala Harris of California and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts were accused of supporting criminal activity by the White House. Both women attended Families Belong Together marches over the weekend.

Senator Warren belongs to a growing list of legislators calling for the abolishing of ICE, while Senator Harris calls for strict reforms on the agency's current practices.

The official White House account has always been a place for the current administration to toot their own horn. At this time in 2015, the President Barack Obama White House account was posting about Girl Scouts camping on the White House lawn.

Announcing diplomatic relations reopening with Cuba.

And boasting about the improvements to the economy.

The current iteration of the White House account does that as well, retweeting posts from the First Lady about her activities.

And posting some questionable facts about the benefits of the Trump/GOP tax cuts.

However targeting specific members of congress, while accusing them of "supporting the animals of MS-13" and "supporting criminals moving weapons, drugs, and victims across our nation’s borders" is new.

And people are not pleased.

Reactions to the two posts on Twitter range from people answering the question posed to outrage.

As well as some time spent answering questions for Trump supporters.

And in another first for the Trump administration, an official government Twitter account might find themselves suspended for violating community standards.