WATCH: Steve Schmidt Says David Hogg Is Fearless: ‘This Kid’s Not Scared’

This kid’s not scared. He’s not scared of the NRA. He’s not intimidated and scared by Laura Ingraham … Half the Republican party is hiding under the table, under their bed. They’re so scared … Not these kids, though” ~ Steve Schmidt

In an appearance on the MSNBC program Deadline White House, Republican strategist Steve Schmidt spoke about what it took to eke out an apology from Fox News host and longtime conservative radio personality Laura Ingraham; namely, fearlessness.

And he called out the Republican Party in general and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan in particular for lacking it.

In an exchange with fellow guest Jim Messina, Democratic political adviser and White House Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations under President Barack Obama, and host Nicole Wallace, Schmidt, best known for strategic roles on Republican political campaigns, referred to Speaker Ryan as “America’s greatest scared rabbit.”

Nicole Wallace: “Steve Schmidt, I want to you button this whole thing up. You brought us to being in business with Laura Ingraham. I want you to button up that conversation, but also bring us back to your thoughts on David Hogg and what he achieved today that you and I work for multiple politicians who were attacked by Laura Ingraham and they never eked out an apology from her.”

Steve Schmidt: “No, that’s right. John Heilman talked a minute ago about fear and we think about politics today, we think particularly about the Republican majority and America’s greatest scared rabbit Paul Ryan and we look at all these Republican members that are scared to death, scared to death of Fox News, of Laura Ingraham, of Rush Limbaugh and what you see in this young man’s quality of character, fearlessness.”

Maybe that’s what happens after you’ve been down range of an AR-15 that kills your classmates and comes close to killing you. You lose all fear because this kid is not scared. He’s not scared of the NRA. He’s not intimidated and scared by Laura Ingraham. Laura Ingraham huffs and puffs. You have half the Republican party hiding under the table. Half of them are hiding under their bed. they’re so scared. So timid, so skittish, not these kids, though.

“And I think that it’s going to be definitional to the political debate that we see play out between November of 2018 when I think Trumpism will be roundly repudiated in the next Presidential Election in 2020. But it’s such a contrast, these kids, to the elected officials in the republican party.”

On Wednesday night, after 54 year old Laura Ingraham mocked him on Twitter, saying 17 year old David Hogg  was “whining” about his college application process, Hogg called for a boycott of her program sponsors on social media under the hashtag #BoycottIngrahamAdverts.

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