WATCH: Fox News’ Neil Cavuto to Donald Trump: ‘You’re The President…Why Don’t You Act Like It?’

Using his platform to speak truth to power.

“Neil, quit criticizing and belittling the President. You are a journalist not a partisan commentator. Wake up!” wrote one Twitter user.

Another: “Not very common [sense] and who are you to to tell the president what he should do. We all know he’s a counter puncher learn to live with it.”

And yet another: “Your president is a white supremacist, a religious bigot & a sexual predator. it’s disingenuous in the extreme to pretend he’s only a sensitive bully. He doesn’t like when women and PoC don’t grovel before him. He’s a disgusting disgrace to this nation. Every minute of every day.”

This isn’t the first time Cavuto has criticized the president. Last month, he scolded the president for his continued attacks on members of the Republican Party, saying Trump “is running out of friends.”

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