Washington Post Debuts ‘Bottomless Pinocchios’ Category of Donald Trump’s Lies to Denote Those He Has Repeated 20 Times or More

Well, that’s appropriate.

As Trump’s lies have grown more and more blatant, Americans have pressured the media to stop replacing the word “lies” with softer ones like “false statements,” “misleading claims,” or—in this case—”Pinocchios.”


For its part, The Washington Post has long been a thorn in Trump’s—and a certain other corrupt president’s—side. In fact, the same journalist who helped expose the Watergate coverup during the Nixon era, Bob Woodward, also wrote Fear: Trump in the White House, which used hours of recorded interviews and hundreds of documents to cover a President whose administration is a sinking ship. During a normal Presidency, Americans would likely still be talking about the book, which was released in September, and a normal President would have had to heavily strategize to discredit it. After a few scathing tweets from the President, it’s now largely forgotten.

That’s because, to many, this is not a normal presidency nor is this a normal President, largely thanks to a sheer willingness—perhaps even eagerness—to lie.

The President may never win that elusive Nobel Peace Prize for his talks with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, but thanks to the Washington Post, he is the only figure with the distinction of 14 bottomless Pinocchios—a fitting tribute.

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