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Uber Just Launched a Submarine Rideshare Called ScUber and I'll Take Two Tickets, Please

Queensland, Australia/Youtube

Uber is going under.

Down under—to Australia's Great Barrier Reef.

The popular ride sharing app is launching a submarine, called ScUber, in partnership with Tourism Queensland. Travelers in certain parts of Queensland can book a trip for an up-close look at the famous Great Barrier Reef through the Uber app, just like the company's more traditional auto rides.

Take a look at the demonstration below.

Predictably, it's going to cost a lot more than your average trip downtown: around $1000 per person.

Nevertheless, people are pretty excited.

Others remain skeptical.

If you want to take the submarine for a test drive without forking over the dough, Uber and Tourism Queensland have launched a global sweepstakes that you can enter until June 18th.

Sea you soon.