PHOTOS: Twitter Users Post Pictures of Trump Clothing ‘Made in China’ Labels Under the #MadeInAmerica Hashtag

The official White House Twitter account posted a video Monday of President Donald Trump speaking at the Made in America event being held at the White House. In the tweet, they included the hashtag #MadeinAmerica.

“American manufacturers gathered at the White House today to showcase American-made goods from all 50 states. #MadeinAmerica,” the tweet reads.

The short video clip showed the President before a display of products from each of the 50 states all “Made in America.”

However the internet being what it is, people seized upon the hashtag to make a point to the Trump Organization —the private businesses owned by the family— and the Trump presidential administration.

People shared photos of Trump brand merchandise labels, showing the goods were not #MadeinAmerica. Instead of kudos, people trolled the First Family accusing them of hypocrisy.

Everything from golf shirts…

Trump brand golf shirt made in China (Twitter image)

…to ties…

Trump brand tie (Twitter image)
Trump brand tie (Twitter image)

…to suits…

Trump brand wool suit made in Mexico (Twitter image)

…to the hats synonymous with the President were shared with the hashtag #MadeinAmerica.

Trump MAGA hat made in China (Twitter image)

After considerable criticism, official MAGA logo hats sold on the President’s campaign website are now made in the United States according to fact checking organization Politifact, but people online claim free hats given away at rallies are still made in China.

Other members of the Trump family received negative feedback for their branded products as well, most notably First Daughter Ivanka Trump. Tweets and images called her out for her products manufactured overseas.

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