WATCH: Tucker Carlson Says of Trump: ‘Picture Him With His Boot on the Chest of the Vanquished and a Mug of Mead in His Hand, Howling at the Night Sky’


It’s well known that Tucker Carlson is a big fan of President Donald Trump, but people weren’t prepared for the Fox News personality’s description of Trump’s performance at a rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan, last night.

Trump was ever the victor in his first rally since the Mueller report was filed, according to Carlson.

Carlson said to guest Mark Steyn:

“You can sort of picture him with his boot on the chest of the vanquished and a mug of mead in hand, howling at the night sky. Isn’t that what that is?”

People were as perturbed by this description as you’d expect.

Last night’s rally was Trump’s first since the Mueller report was filed. The report, according to a letter penned by Attorney General William Barr last Friday, found insufficient evidence that President Trump or members of his campaign “conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities,” an announcement that has prompted the president to proclaim victory over his opponents although the full report and its contents have still not been released to the public.

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