READ: Tucker Carlson Tweets ‘How’d We Get to a Place Where It’s Normal That Two Parts of the Country Despise Each Other?’


Fox News host Tucker Carlson, best known for his fiery brand of conservatism and contentious treatment of guests on his show, is struggling with the growing animosity in American politics.

While the country remained on high alert after a string of attempted bombings of Democratic officials, Carlson asked the Twitterverse on Thursday just how exactly we got here.

“How’d we get to a place where it’s normal that two parts of the country despise each other? That you can imagine the other side encouraging terror?” Carlson tweeted. “Our thinking changed. We stopped debating politics & ideas & started attacking others for things we can’t change, for who we are.”

Twitter’s response to Carlson: Seriously? Because of you.

Does he watch his own show?

And yet, he’s really asking.

I’ll just leave this gem here.

Let’s not forget Trump and his endorsement of violence. Can I borrow a lighter?

I would be remiss however if I didn’t dig up some Carlson classics. 

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