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Donald Trump's Description of Brett Kavanaugh's Testimony Sounds Like the Exact Opposite of What Kavanaugh Actually Said

Brett Kavanaugh and President Donald Trump (Photos by Andrew Harnik-Pool/Getty Images and Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

In a wide-ranging press conference Monday, one of the claims made by President Donald Trump involved the Thursday and Friday testimony of his Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh. Kavanaugh testified under oath before the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of his SCOTUS confirmation hearing.

Trump stated Kavanaugh admitted to a serious drinking problem when he was underage and drinking illegally in high school and college.

Watch the President's statement here.

However those who watched Kavanaugh's testimony refuted the President's claim.

People speculated as to why Trump would expose his own nominee to ridicule for lying under oath about his drinking problems while still under the legal age to drink.

Many wondered if the admission that Kavanaugh had a drinking problem in high school and college was an attempt by Trump to rid himself of his embattled SCOTUS nominee.

Exposing Kavanaugh lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee could give the President a reason to revoke his nomination.

As of Monday afternoon, Brett Kavanaugh has not withdrawn as a SCOTUS nominee nor has President Trump revoked the nomination.