READ: ACLU Responds to Donald Trump’s Tweet Urging the End to Immigration Courts: ‘That’s Not How Any of This Works’


After exploiting families of murder victims to create a false narrative that ignored actual crime statistics and was quickly debunked, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to propose another means of dealing with immigration: eliminate due process under the law.

Unfortunately for him, Trump’s latest proposal met with the same success as his angel family show and autograph session.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was quick to notify the president that the Constitution, which he swore on a Bible to uphold and defend, remained in full effect.

Others were equally happy to let Trump know what they thought of his proposal.

There were a few supporters of Trump’s proposal, but they were quickly educated on the Constitution as well.

Some even pointed out the president’s own past tweets demanding something that he received, law and order when it comes to his own legal woes.

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